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  1. I know some Christians condemn other Christians who doubt they are saved. They say things like, “If you doubt you are saved, that means you are not.” That is absolutely cruel. The Christian, for whatever reason, is in distress afraid they aren’t saved and some people have the nerve to take all that Christian’s hope away. I think what should be done instead is to ask WHY the person is having doubts. Was it a sermon he heard? Maybe she read Scripture that she is confused on. But to just outright condemn a fellow Christian is just there are no words for how absolutely disgusting that is. Instead of doing that, what should be done is helping the fellow believer and increasing his/her faith NOT decreasing it. Take Paul and the Galatians they for a while were thinking they had to do something else to be saved. Did Paul say, “Well, that’s it!  You are no longer saved! Burn sinners!” No. He did rebuke them, but he never once said they lost their salvation. The way some Christians treat other Christians there are no words for it.

    If a brother or sister says, “I don’t know if I am saved.” Our response should be one of, “Are you ok? What is troubling you? Let me help you.” Not “You are no longer saved. There is absolutely no hope for you. You are going to Hell no matter what. Jesus can’t save you. Wait…Jesus won’t save you.”

    It’s just beyond sick and evil. Satan does enough condemning and accusing we do NOT need to add to it. For those who are doing it, you really need to stop it and right quick. You are leading people AWAY from Jesus. Such are telling people that Jesus is not trustworthy and at any moment, any sign of weakness, He will drop kick that person.

    That is evil. Dare I say even Satanic. It needs to stop right here and right now.

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