The Feeling of our Infirmities


Many of us do not believe that Jesus Christ, was tempted, like as we are.  It may do well to set aside some of the things we were taught, for a moment, and recall that Jesus was “God, manifested in the FLESH.”  The Book of Hebrews said, “All Points,” and I believe that’s exactly what the writer meant.  We know He didn’t sin; but we cannot imagine, He really faced some of the temptations we have faced.

Our High Priest, can be touched.  It means that He is moved deeply, by the things we go through.  Whether our theology tells us so or not, He is saying that He understands; He’s been there.  Perhaps, we need to recall, that we know almost nothing about the life of Christ, before He began His ministry.  We know how He was born, how it was prophesied in the Old Testament, His parents flight to Egypt and Him teaching in the Temple as a young boy.  However, we actually know very little about the lowly son, of the carpenter.

We don’t know how he really grew up; we don’t really know anything about His playmates, what kind of food He liked the best, or even what some of His favorite hobbies were.  He was a toddler like we were; a teenager in the same respect; and a young man, who obviously had the same emotions and feelings we’ve all had.  I have felt led to say before, that we need to let Jesus be the human person He was.  Without that, we may say it, but we don’t really relate to how much He understands us; all, of our experiences.

Many do not believe Jesus had siblings; but I think He did.  If so, then he very well knew what rivalry was; and He likely understood what it was like, to have some kind of gift, the others did not have.  We know He could get angry; but I’m pretty sure, it was not the first time.  He saw a lot of injustice in His land; He grew up with many religious folk, and knew leadership that followed their own interests.  We all read about it; but for some reason, we were not allowed to compare it with our time.  He was mocked; scorned.

I cannot express what it’s like, to be able to come before the Lord, knowing that He really does understand.  He actually, knows all about it.  Look up the words “infirm and infirmities.”

You’ll find a vivid description of what many of us have been at times; and sometimes we still are.  Our Father, could have created Jesus, just as He did the first man.  But He didn’t; our Lord was born of a woman, just like we all were; and God did that on purpose.  I can cry out to my High Priest; knowing, that He knows me; He knows where I have been, where I am now and every single thing I have been through. He didn’t sin like I have; but, He faced it.  Oh, what a precious Lord is He.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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