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The Finger Tip of God Touched the Empire State Building! — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you. This word confirms what I have sensed in my spirit the past week, especially the last day or two. I was praying for the Cuomo family this morning before reading this for Holy Spirit to turn their hearts and open their eyes and ears. I have been hearing Gov Cuomo has brought judgement on NYC with his arrogant and rebellious words to the people, towards God, and recently Samaritans Purse. I pray for special protection for the people who love God, and for the ones who are asleep to wake up and truly turn to God. I feel it is ominous, just hanging over NYC

  2. Hello sis Veronica,awesome prophetic dream,about the empire State building. Here’s more confirmation,less than a year ago ,had a dream n.y.c. was burning. Amos 3 the Lord does nothing unless he first warns his prophets. Thank you for your love of the saints.


    God’s Fire too hot for the liar
    It’s also too hot for sin
    It’ll bring forth God’s Holy Purposes
    It’ll clean us without from within
    We won’t even want to sin anymore
    There’ll be nothing but Glory and Win
    There’ll be no maybe baby about this bride
    She won’t be looking back where she’s been
    Her mind will be stayed on the One she loves
    Her heart will remain Faithful and True
    Till at last He comes and Shouts come up Here
    For the work that I gave you is through

  4. That’s interesting because NYC was the first capitol of the US. After every thing was signed to make the US the US, George Washington went to a chapel a little ways up the street near the old twin towers to pray. The chapel is still there.

  5. Just to say that the minute I read your prophecy I started interceding for NY and Andrew Cuomo and praying about the leaders of the abortion drive – the ones who serve Baal. Thank you for the word you gave so that we can run with it – however the Spirit leads.
    I always look forward to another word from you.
    Thank you Veronica.
    God bless you.

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