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The Former Reign and Latter Reign Is Now! — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Jo Ellen Stevens..
    Could it be, there are prophets and prophetess’s out there that have not bowed their knee to money and and Baal?,
    I awoke this morning with this thought, the “former and latter reign”..indulge me:
    If one thinks of the 1948 revival and then the 1968 revival (Jesus people) as a type of this revival (Joel 2;23-24), the later and former reign(rain) in the same month (generation)..my first Pastor (still alive) and I abundantly were saved in this same “type season” (he was saved in 45′ and I in 78′ as teenagers) = my thought (revelation) is were seeing a unction and love of God in Canada right now,,,freedom protesters loving and actually chasing away drug abuse/crime and homelessness (by helping), there is zero OD’s in Ottawa,homeless are fed and clothed and downtown crime is “0”….dozens of area’s in Canada are like this (and they were real bad 2 weeks ago)!

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