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    Dear Stephen: Yesterday I made the very first mark in my new Bible that I bought for myself for Christmas, for an upcoming Bible School teaching (I am not the teacher!) on 1 Sunday every month after church, 6 hours long, from this months on. I opened the Holy Book and THE MAN FINE WHITE LINEN with a writer pen on his hips caught my attention. Then today, this morning on my bed, I opened my German-English Bible and it was the Book of Ezechiel, the description of light at the firmament and the Cherubs and the man with the white linen garment again came to my attention there ! I was surprised and thought: What do You want me to say, LORD ? White Linen stands for righteousness, and writing from God is biblical, and watching into the Throneroom is a very special privilege. And now I see your article – WOW !
    It was Ezechiel 10, my Bible is still open on that page. I read 2 chapters this morning.
    Please let me share a testimony of GOD`s rewards:
    At 8 AM I went out to buy a ticket for a ride to the big city, because later today my best female friend wants to see me again. You know what happened ? I found 10,- franks (= 10 dollar) on the street ! I am truly happy for this. 2 days ago I gave a poor old man a dime at a check out counter, he only bought 1 Avocado and said to the waitress, that sometimes he enjoys this fruit. He had not enough money with him to buy it (2.95 for 1 fruit !) and I added him 50 cents. He smiled heartfelt grateful, but then a blaming comment came out of the mouth of the cash “lady” towards him. She said, he has retirement income… He (and I) was near to tears, so shameful was the situation. There are people on this rich earth that do not grant others any smallest joy or peace or food. Today I got a 20-fold reward for this small act of compassion, love and help.

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