The Four Main Attitudes Required of Christians


The Lord Jesus says:

“There are four main attitudes of The Christian.

All of these need to be in place to live a Christian life in the way I desire you to live it.

The first is My Lordship of your life.

If this is in place, the other three attitudes will be in place and you will maintain the salvation relationship you have with Me.

The second is holiness.

This attitude rejects everything Satan tries to have you do, because your focus is solely on My requirements of you.

The third is correct stewardship of what I give you to be steward of for Me.

If this is in place, you will use what I have given you correctly, for the purpose of My Kingdom and Satan will not be able to steal it from Me to use for his purposes.

The fourth is the expression of My Character which primarily is Love.

Do this and you will have My Character maturing in you.

These are necessary to continue to develop in the Christian life you have been given and to learn of them.  You need to read what I say about them in My Bible.

To deliberately do not have any of these attitudes or half heartedly do them and you may find you do not have a relationship with me and you are not going to be with Me in heaven.



~ Through Neville Salvetti

HKP logoNeville Salvetti is a deliverance minister and can be contacted via The Web Pages of Neville Salvetti and at: if you desire deliverance or to know how to do it.
Neville have been told to preach three things:
Deliverance   How to Hear The Holy Spirit   How to fight Satan
This is the need of the hour as it demonstrates The Kingdom of God, which is what attracts people to Jesus.

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