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The Fresh Oil of His Glory — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you! I receive the Fresh Oil! Lord knows we ALL need it! Pour IT OUT LORD!! We want your Presence and Your Glory to Manifest in our Lives life Never Before! MAKE HASTE OH LORD❣️

    • So glad to hear you receive Mary Mary! Let the refreshing flow freely through you as you move forward to carry His presence with joy unspeakable. God bless you abundantly1 Sandi Holman

  2. Sandi,
    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! this Word! Literally “drips” with GOD’S LOVE OVERFLOWING onto His BELOVEDS, from the Oil of His Presence. Thanks so much for sharing! Incredible Word!

    • You are so so welcome, my friend Bev. I am so caught up the the overflowing amazing truth that we are in the time when His glory is beginning to cover the earth. xoxo SandiG

  3. Reply #2
    Oh my goodness!
    In the Old Testament the tithe was partly used to supply food to the Levites and Priests.
    Today our HIGH PRIEST is at OUR FATHERS RIGHT HAND making intercession for us.
    HE said I AM the bread of life…
    HE said man shall not live by bread alone but by every WORD OF GOD. (individual words)
    HE IS THE WORD OF GOD! ( in its totality)
    We are kings and priests unto OUR GOD!
    We kings giving HIS 10% to HIM supplies bread and food to HIS priests. ( us ) When the FATHER opens the widows of heaven and pours out such blessing we can’t contain it? I believe it is the VERY PRESENCE OF JESUS! For we are to live by every WORD. Not just the written WORD but also the LIVING WORD! I believe this OIL being poured upon us is HIS PRESENCE. OUR BRED. OUR WINE.
    The marriage supper is coming soon! Hallelujah !!
    Thank You Jesus!!
    Thank you Sandi!

    • And yes, Marc, He is the High Priest of our confession and so much more. THank your for this wonderful input. He is pouring out the oil and the wine..the kind that restores our souls. God is so Good! Looking forward to seeing you and Tami Soon! Bless your weekend! Sandi

  4. Yes Lord! Amen!
    Thank You Jesus!!
    I believe and receive!
    I always have and always will believe Malachi 3:10 is not just financial blessing but the embodiment of ALL of the GOODNESS of GOD!!
    Pour on us LORD!! Never ending buckets!!!
    Thank You Jesus!!
    Thank you Sandi!

    • Greetings dear Marc, So glad to hear your wonderful response to the Oil of His GLory. Indeed never ending buckets! I love the Malachi 3 scripture. Many Blessings, Sandi

  5. Wow, Wow & Wow! Such a powerful anointed word, Sandi.

    Fire of God fall! Love you my sister and friend ❤️

    • Thank you, my dear sister, Joyce. It is so time to receive the fresh oil for an outpouring. Thanks for you great encouragement. Love you my special friend, Sandi

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