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The Fullness of Time, Double Honor, Double Blessings! — 5 Comments

  1. I am reading this late in the evening and am speechless because this morning I opened up Zech. 9 and 10. As usual I wrote much of Chapt. 9 out as it has comforted me so often since decades of waiting and praying for Breakthrough!
    Especially the promise of verses 9-13 about the prisoners of hope and the double reward!! Often too I have received Isaiah 61: 7-8…..!!!
    So this is such a strong confirmation that truly the fullness of time has come and fulfillment is near!! The tests and trials have been great in all areas of live, but HE gave grace that we did not quit!  In great expectation, Dorothea

  2. This is so comforting, Deborah. I receive this message in Jesus Name. Yesterday when I was in my intercession with my husband, I felt more fire from the third heaven, so I was able to take off the evil energies and frequencies more easily. Of course today I am fighting with them again. But surely God’s restoration fire is much stronger than those. I am in the pillar of God’s fire though the enemies are trying to damage my lungs as well as my body constantly. So I am safe in Him. I am trying hard to keep my portal every day without other thoughts. I believe if I do God’s work, He does my work. Thank you,all for sending prayer to me. Happy Valentine’s Day.Bless you, all.

  3. Thank you for this strong reminder, dear sister Deborah. Very timely, just yesterday I prayed about that and asked the LORD to send the double blessings. Have a beautiful Springtime, dear sisters and brothers.

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