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  1. PART 2

    So why? Well I felt the Lord wanted me to keep wearing the watch and its replacement was sent to a relative in the post instead of to me and I ended up wearing the smashed six watch for the rest of the year. Now some people say that the enemy likes the number 6, they like to kill in sixes and claim in sixes. Well that year, similarly actually to the year before, I spent the year watching in the spirit as many strongholds collapsed all over earth and most of those strongholds had been created with a special emphasis on the number 6. Meaning, the number six was very prevalent in the structure or rituals used. For example, in its evil usage, 6 often implies killing in sixes. I became so obsessed with the smashed six, the idea that evil was being smashed, that I nearly had baseball caps printed with a smashed six number, like a number 6 on a pane of glass, but the glass is smashed up. Actually what I saw repeatedly in pictures, relates to what DWF says here: an army of people, specialists, wearing the smashed six or being in an association that liked the smashed six or even used it as an insignia. I felt God was talking to me through the idea somehow, but it felt very remote. But now I think the army is actually constituting itself as a much wider group, as per this wonderful DWF prophecy. I hope this story blesses someone!

  2. PART 1

    I feel to tell a story here to do with the number six that relates slightly to this prophecy. We saw here that in this prophecy the enemy might try to be on your tail, your “six”.

    A few years ago, I think early 2018, I was in one of those places of earthly power you find in capital cities, like the ones you can visit as a tourist where there are politicians. I was actually about to meet a genuinely important person to talk about a smallish project, but the project could still have resonated indirectly in a big way. It was an idea from God. Just before meeting the person in a place full of politicians, while I was waiting at reception, my watch unstrapped itself from my wrist and fell on the floor. When I picked it up, the only damage was to the glass where the 6 was. I became obsessed with the “smashed six”, I was sure God was speaking to me through it. It came to represent for me extreme power of God, the annihilation of the enemy’s plans, dynamic intercessors winning an unending series of extreme victories at extreme personal risk. It implied a journey of total faith in God leading to total victory against the enemy.

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