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The Gift of Revival — a Bit of a Warning (Update) — 9 Comments

  1. I had a dream what I believe is right around the corner. I was at a soccer (football to you) game and it ended and we won. A boy then said, I hear a Blackhawk helicopter). We could hear it but not see it due to the cloud cover. Then, a large white jet landed on the pitch. A pod fell off of it and people were running away afraid. I was not. I stood and watched. Out of the end of the jet people were exiting the jet, all dressed in white. They were dispersing jumping over fences going in different directions. End of dream. I woke yup to the smell of incense. I knew it was prophetic because when you’re sleeping your senses are dull and they aren’t immediate upon awakening.

    The end of the match signaled to me it was the appointed end of time. The helicopter was symbolic of war. The white jet with white dressed occupants was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Amen. Hear and agree w/you man of GOD. The word reality of ‘revival’ begins in (1) heart. One heart can start a revival Deut. 32:30 KJV. The cost of a whole heart surrendered to GOD from the cunning comfort of compromise to which Christ Fully paid/Re-deemed us – The Gift of revival must first begin as examine the root of our heart/s 2Cor.12:5 KJV. Revival is a Re-NEWED condition of the heart by the Fire of the Holy Spirit. Yes..The Gift of what God re-vives, or made ‘New’ and/or births in us. It is…and can be a tangible manifestation of the Spirit of GOD ignited in us, through us and upon us as the heart/s of people in expectation of His Spirit to fall – land upon us like as a Dove, spread in us and effectively through us as hearts seeking the desire a GOD encounter. Behold He comes!!

      • Delighted to share sir. As i re-read the post, as not a usual ..i’m drawn to the message of salvations of ‘cities’ – and i’m reminded of the Samaritan woman John 4:28 KJV – she tells the ‘men’ in the city about Jesus and the men went John 4:29 KJV Salvation came to Samaria.  Men will be catalysts as ‘well’ as women in revivals for the salvation of cities of many nation/s John 4:39-42 For the unnamed woman at the ‘WeLL’ was the first Evangelist! – God is about to use some un/notable people to declare His Word! Hallelujah!

  3. You said it all well my brother. Enjoyed the read.
    I also agree wholeheartedly about the Welsh and Azusa street Revival.
    May we be truly willing to pay the cost. God bless you.

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