The Globe and the Woman in the Bay


May 16 -18, 2013

Two times over May 16-17th, I saw a globe with a base that turns, like the ones we used to have in school. Then, Jesus and I are standing inside of the globe and He is the center shaft that the whole globe turns on. The globe becomes translucent, but the continents are clearly seen on the globe. The globe begins to rotate around us and The Lord points to the continents. As He points, I see explosions erupt in different places, and fires began to burn there. At first, there were a few, but as the globe turned faster, the explosions and fires spread more to other areas, till the globe was filled with fires

Then, I saw a woman standing in the Bay. She had a long flowing white gown on. the gown had long sleeves, and her gown was blowing in the winds. She slowly turned and her eyes were on fire. She raised her arm and pointed to me and fire came from her into me. It is California’s time to rise from the ashes of what was, and to burn brightly in the release of the new! The woman was Kathryn Kuhlman.

The inheritance that she and Lonnie laid here must now be apprehended again. You are the new ones the Father desires to now empower and send.


On May 17th.

I saw 7 foot lockers in the ground below the foothills of LA.

The Lord shook the area with a quake, and I saw one of the seals of one of the foot lockers in the ground break open and the lid opened and fire came up out of the ground of the first foot locker.

As a synchronized clock would be, the other 6 foot lockers began to open and blaze forth with fire, one at a time. People would gather to them and all of their chains would burn up as they drew near.

When the 7th foot locker opened up and released a geyser of fire, the foothills of LA caught fire, and the Hollywood sign caught fire. The sign said, Holy Wood.

The Lord then said, I am releasing the feet of the foothills so they can climb, and I am lighting my mountains so they can run.

The Lord says also, I have brought them that have gathered tonight to the plains of Meribah again. I want to pour out the reality of My Love to all men.

When others formerly have not obeyed me here in this region, you now will. You will obey all the way, and will usher me fully in, so that My greater fires can begin!

There are 7 scriptures that speak about Meribah.

You are the seed that will meet My need. I have thoroughly burned out every weed.  I shall cast you forth as My Fiery Seeds. Surely, I shall hasten it, blow upon it, and will accelerate it with My speed. My Fiery Waves shall spread as you open up and pour out for Me.

I am applying my solder to my soldiers so they can run. The only difference between the 2 words, solder and soldier, is the “I”. We have to say yes. Then we are molded, shaped, and melted together as His Army of Fire.

Last night after the meeting, we were driving back to Gilroy. As we drove, I saw a brilliant white star shoot across the sky right in front of us as we drove on 101.


Then this morning on the 18th, I was lying on my bed awake, but with my eyes closed, and I saw another brilliant white star shoot across my vision. I don’t know if they were different stars or the same, but The Lord is moving things in the heavens and in earth.

The Lord then said:

The stars also are the angels moving with you in the heavens, and also ahead of you preparing the way, as you go. You will move with heaven, for you are in my flow.

There was a time that things were far ahead
But I have bent time for you, to run further instead
I shall multiply as you go, and feed you angelic bread
For you all move at My will, and also in My Stead.

Seek only My face, and be not led by carnal men’s head
Out of your mouths shall be served hot, living bread
I shall feed the multitudes through you, and to Me they shall be wed
Upon their lips, My Name shall alone be said

Within My Weighty Cloud and My Fiery Pillar shall you be led
I go with you as you run by day, and while you lie on your bed
I shall move like lightning and My Voice shall be fiery red
My stars shall indeed fly, and I shall utter through you the things to be said

My heavenly turnstile has rotated and the past has been shed
That which is to come, now shall be, for you stand head to head
You have your scrolls, be faithful as they roll, rejoice in your stead
You are fashioned together to release My long awaited Watershed


The region or area drained by a river, stream.

An important point of division or transition between two phases, or conditions.

IE: Something that brings change in the midst of a situation is a watershed moment.

Today, May 18th, is a Watershed Day for California.

What you did before was counted as seed. What you are all stepping into now shall usher that which has waited, into now, for the two realities become joined today in a greater way. Fires will break out, Flames shall be seen, and His Stars shall fly by, to signify the birthing, but also the sheathing of His new administration emerging today.

The Inauguration is underway. The assigning and the realigning of the leaders and the players has only begun. Wait till the Lord settles more before you move, as The Lord shall clear many of your schedules this year.

There is a deeper reservoir you each must reach into, and also move with, that will demand your undivided attention to flow in the greater momentum. But as you do, the eruptions will begin to move the things that have restricted you.

Regional knitting is now on the table of The Lord, and a Regional Sword made of stars is descending today you all to grasp together, as one arm, and an extension of The Lord.

The Lord hid it from men because of all the jealousy and competition among the leaders. That is over. It comes to you here, and you must carry the sword together, and with the Lords plan. Only together will you all stand and take this entire land.

The Sword of Orion is unsheathed from the Lords belt. It comes from Heaven to you for the harvest is region is entrusted to you. Heaven has come down to fight with you. Wise men still follow the stars.

Amos 5:1-8 for May 18th…

Gabriel is here.

He broke through on the 18th day:

18 archangels descended with him into the region, and they are establishing a new causeway in the region. Lining the sides of the highway for the new flow. 27 angels then began to pour fresh waters onto the causeway making it into a deep flow. A new highway and a reservoir is now going to go throughout the region.

For the Cause of The Lord, He has unsheathed His heavenly sword, and The Captain of the Lords Hosts has come to make a way, and the angelic hosts now line the new Highway in the wilderness for His Higher Glory to flow upon and for the Flaming Word to go forth upon into California.

The angels keep the way, for the people to begin to step up onto it and move with The Lord. The Harvest is ready to be brought in, it’s time to begin.

During worship, I saw us in a great stadium, and we were the new Olympians and we each had a torch that was lit tonight. Each one here is about to begin their races in the games of The Lord. The international feats will now begin.

Henry Falany:

I have a river that flows within the subfloor, and I will show you it’s subterranean door, for there you shall find the hidden ore, and reap it to the core.

Gabriel speaks:

Message spoken to us by Gabriel on 05-18-13:

Gabriel and the Lord’s angelic captains are here for the Lord’s Cause for California:

Be not afraid Children, to rise to your command. For I have come from the Presence of the Lord, and before His Face, I stand. I say to you present, that you are leaders, and captains, and majors, and generals in your new command. But by His Hand shall you stand! By His Command shall you move through the land! For He has given you the Scroll of America in your hand.

What will you do with the nation that has come to you?

What will you do with the state, that is in your command?

What will you do on your watch, as you stand before the Lord with me?

Heaven and earth must agree over your destiny, for us to move in the earth, and bring it to full birth!

I have come, that the Father’s will be done. I have come to unroll the scroll, so that you would know the things that are to be done. I have scrolls for you to unroll, Children. I say to you, be strong! Be of good courage, and fear not! For though the enemy will array itself three times against your flow, I say to you, they shall in no way hasten or delay, what God has written on this page today.

For I, as Captain of the Lord of Hosts, stand by My Father’s Hand. I have come to show you the armies that are erected in your land, but I say to you, you shall slay the giants, one by one, and ten by ten. They are nothing before Me. Though men see them as mighty before them, I say to you, they are nothing, in your land. For it is given to you as food. It is given to you as wood for the flame. I say to you, rise up in Jesus Name!

Throw off the chains of shame and blame, shake off men’s games, and cleave unto the Lord your God this day! Has He not commanded you to be mighty in this land? Has He not commanded you to rise up and take your command? Has He not commanded you to obey those things He has given to you to do? I have come a second time unto you. I have waited over 50 years to come again. I say, now it shall begin! For the mandate has now come to you!

For what Kathryn and Lonnie sowed as a seed in humility, and not in greed, you shall magnify the Father, and give Him His need. For the Father has Glory reserved for you. My angels have amassed, and they are standing shoulder to shoulder, all around this place. For you have been called in a time and season of grace. But I say to you, you must move in this space, for war shall come to your shore. You must begin to move and redeem much, much more. But know, the war will be a door, in which I will restore, and I will heal and I will reveal even more, for I must shake the hearts of men. But you will decide which side the war shall go. For God has given you the authority of the end time flow.

To you, it has been given to know, and it has also been given to do the heavenly command that now comes to you. It shall not pass to your seed. It has come to you right now. I have chosen My very footstool, to give birth. For on My footstool shall come the man child of great worth in this nation. You, My daughters and sons, are My man child, that I have held in reservation. For I shall birth you this year, in a great fiery tear, and as you shed in intercession before Me, My Glory shall burn around the globe, entirely. For My angels are spreading a canopy of love over this region today.

Day by day, they shall enforce it, and they shall enhance it, and they shall complete it, all through this summer, I shall thunder, and I shall roar. I shall be seen in many signs in the earth, under the earth, and in your shore. Do not doubt, as Zechariah did, but believe in your heart, what has been promised to you now starts. For I have counted your seed as the stars. Now those seeds fall, one by one, as the harvest shall come, and as My momentum begins to flow, those stars shall fall by heaven in a great show. You shall see the harvest flow come in, but you must obey and begin.

To you, I have been sent to announce the birth, and to you, has been the harvest of great worth.


Rev. Susan O'Marra imageThe Rev. Susan O’Marra of “In The Image Of His Glory Ministries has been given the mandate by the Father to Raise up His Tents Of Meetings, so she goes wherever the Lord directs her to. Susan shares the Father’s Heart to those who are seeking Him, and the Cloud of the Presence of the Lord and the Fire of the Lord often manifests in the meetings, as the Lord meets with the People. The Impartation of the Spirit is released to all who hunger and thirst for the Lord and who desire to be changed. The Lord is seeking those who are willing to draw near to Him. Susan’s blog site is here.

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  1. Daniel 12:3
    New Living Translation (NLT)
    3 Those who are wise will shine as bright as the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever.