The Great Apostasy


I saw an article with pictures showing a mountain lion resting peacefully in a woman’s home, on her couch….

After reading part of the article, immediately I discerned that this was not of God and He would not even allow me to read all of it, or what that lady was saying.

She was moving in witchcraft and accepting her methods is partaking of the occult and needs to be renounced and cast satan out.  This is so demonic.

I just came off a fast and my flags went up!  I am so grieved at how the Church has lost discernment and is rubbing shoulders with the enemy and accepting his nasty tactics to snare the Church.

Just because you might see good come out of his methods of healing, etc., it is an open door to great oppression in one’s life, resulting in apostasy and falling away from God.

I’ve seen people looking at their palms and examining ‘life-lines’ while waiting in line to go to get prayer!

I’ve seen people say there is such a thing as ‘holy’ yoga!

You cannot mix light with darkness; the Kingdom of God with Satan.

People are justifying too many things, especially with holidays, overlooking the root and meaning of most of them, saying since they are believers filled with the Holy Spirit, it is OK.

Right after I got born-again and filled with His Spirit, the LORD showed me I must not partake of Christmas any more, and that was over forty years ago!

Many have gone back to doing the very things God delivered them of, because of sloppy grace messages.  They began drinking, living in sin, partying like the world and thinking they are now “okay with God.”

But God will let you return to your vomit, if that is what you choose.

Many talk themselves into believing it is all right to commit adultery, saying God is allowing it!

Yes, He will allow you to sin, if that is what you want to do!

There are those who say it is all right to mix Christianity with Islam, and that all religions should “join together” even if they are idolatry religions.

God have mercy!  Wake up the church to truth and help them return to You before it is too late!

As I looked back over the 40 years walking with God, I have seen many times when I have fallen into deception.  There were times I was so intoxicated with what I mistakenly thought was God’s Spirit, that I lost good judgment, just like if one were on alcohol.

I’ve experienced a great shift in the atmosphere that was pure demonic.

I’ve seen many false signs and wonders appearing to be the glory of God.

I’ve seen counterfeit glories conjured up by those leading conferences, which at the time, I thought it were true.

I’ve experienced what many called “of God,” to open me up to what the satanists use to have sexual encounters with their gods.  Yes, and they say it is worship music that brings healing!

I spoke out about this and was accused of blaspheming the Holy Spirit and coming against the anointed.

I separated myself from a popular church leader, through whom I used to post my writings.

I’ve experienced a such lot since I came to know the LORD, that it would blow your mind how easily people fall into deception and follow their leader into gross sin!  Yes, even having sex with all the women in the church!

God preserves His bride.  I might have been the only one not snared in this, but I saw it and experienced part of it.

The church is no longer a safe ground like when I first got saved.

I used to go feeling it was a refuge from the storm.  I stayed alone, but when I started getting close to the people, I saw the backbiting, the gossip, the counterfeit acting one way for some and another in their true life, hypocrisy and religion.

I never experienced any of that in the world.  I learned to gossip in the church.

Yes, these are facts and there is a true Bride, a remnant that has remained holy, choosing God over their own flesh and who are partaking of the fruit of His resurrection power.

And there is also the counterfeit church, leading many into the hands of the enemy which we must be discerning for these are evil days.

I will not submit this post to many sites, because many choose only to post what is acceptable or politically correct.  Anything deemed offensive to some, will not be accepted.

To speak the truth in love, can only be accepted by a few, for many are called but few are chosen, to walk the narrow road which brings the power and might and authority of the LORD Jesus Christ.

I would rather be unpopular and have all that, instead of being in the lime-light, lifted up like a god.

I tell you right now, to be ready for the worse persecution that will come from members of the Church.

There will be false and true prophets warring against each other, and God will vindicate His!

The war zone is in religion and it has crept into those who are even Spirit-filled believers.

God said that even the elect would be deceived if He tarried His return too long!

Cry out for great grace and mercy that we will stand strong in truth, for truth is part of our armor!

Truth is what separates us from the world and gives us the authority over the evil one!

To have His authority, we must be under His authority!


Yolanda Ballard

Yolanda BallardYolanda Ballard of At The Father’s Feet website, shares with you, the body of Christ, the words she’s received quietly sitting at the Father’s feet. I believe Jesus set the example for us to follow. Whenever He could He would come apart from the busyness of the world so that He could quiet Himself before the Father, for that is where He received direction and strength to carry out His will.

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The Great Apostasy — 1 Comment

  1. Excellent. I have been warning people about pope francis. He is a leader in the interfaith (interunfaithful) movement. This global movement is based on compromise. The church doesn’t need more evidence that the pope is the false prophet.