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The Great Coming Whirlwind — A Prophetic Insight — 3 Comments

  1. Prophetic dreams of afire tornado 7/2020 not i was standing in side of this white house with my son and his cousin Jason. Me and Jason stepped outside and I said I wonder if its going to rain again today. Suddenly Jason notice a funnel cloud coming looking like a tornado iwalked toward it and it burst into fire starting from the bottom up coming swifly at me until I was face to face with the eye of this fire tornado I literally saw a eye in the mist of it I begin praying for myself and people .  pleding for protection stood still close my eyes hopelessly as itcontinued to come . I the opened my eyes looked back at the white house with three pillars in front of it and it was white smoke in the windows but the house was not on fire. Neither did I see my son or his cousin. I need this interpretation. I felt like God answered me by whirlwind in the eye of it but I came out ok nothing was destroyed. Thanks for sharing your article

    As it continued to come my way ibowed my head
    Hopelessly and stood still and closed my eyes

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