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The Greater the Revelation, the Greater the Trial — 1 Comment

  1. Dear brother Stephen ! Thank you for reminding us to Paul and the insight of this is pure truth. It helps us when we share our hardships – of course, not in every details. But knowing, that GOD KNOWS, and we His people experience similar things in these times, and comfort each other, like in the 1st Century the Disciples did through letters, and always they did, so I tell you, while the sun comes through here bright through thick clouds – we are connected, knitted together in one bond. HALLELUYAH ! I listen to Fernando Ortega while I write this. The autoplay function of Youtube is often a a great blessing and surprise. LORD OF ETERNITY is now in the air. What an anointed musician for God and His people. I know I once wrote it to you – but I just have on my heart to tell you again that my son`s name is Stephen, too. In German: Stefan. Every child of God was known in heaven before it came to earth. And so we !

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