The Greatest Christian Accomplishment

4 Words in 1

Wolves in our Churches

Wolves will always run in a pack.  They don’t allow other wolves into their fold to run with them and will kill them if they attempt to enter their circle.  There is a male and female (Alphas) usually leading a husband and wife team working together controlling those that they have birthed out.

Sometimes there is a Casanova wolf who will mate, but not bond with a female, but usually wolves take a mate for life.  Meaning, most wolves in the Body of Christ are married.

Wolves are very territorial and will fight to maintain control of the territory they have claim.

Wolves are also associated with witchcraft and they will also exhibit homosexual behavior.

Being aware of wolves in sheep clothing goes further than we thought.  Many times we just watch for the male wolves among the congregation, but the woman connected to the wolf is in agreement with what is taking place and will stand by her husband helping to control those that are under their covering.

Wolves will not allow other wolves that they have not birthed to enter into their fellowships or congregation.  That’s why you have so many fellowships that seem like cults.  If you are not connected to their beliefs and doctrine, you can’t be associated with them.

If they attempt to connect with any of those that they have birthed out in their ministry, they will attack that leader and kill them spiritually, because they consider those that are connected their property only.  They don’t allow them to go far from them, so those who are under their covering won’t fulfill their destinies or be allowed to do anything but run with them.

They are not allow to go to any other meetings or visit other churches or have any friends, apart from their group or circle.  Those who are connected to wolves don’t have a life for themselves, but they are dedicated and submitted to the husband and wife that are their leaders!

The leaders are the ones that decide what spiritual food they eat and their bond is very close knit.  They rule with fear and take away the independence of those they lead.

Many I have seen in the Body of Christ are so fearful of their leader, they allow them to control every area of their life.  They have seen how when others tried to break away how they pounced on them tearing them apart with the attacks of destruction, until either they surrendered or were spiritual killed!

People, when you encounter a wolf in the Body of Christ, don’t assume that they are harmless, but remember their nature and RUN as fast as you can away from them!

False Prophets

A False Prophet is:

  • a person who falsely claims the gift of prophecy or divine inspiration,
  • a person who uses the gift for evil, a person with a rebellious unrepentant spirit,
  • a person who uses devices of the occult,
  • a person that points you to themselves instead of to Jesus,
  • a person that practice speaking lies a person that speaks error and speaks for material gain and twist the word to control people.

So many people are quick to call a person a false prophet especially when they are offended by them.  But a person doesn’t become a false prophet just because:

  1. They rebuke you for being out of order.
  2. They no longer are available to take all your calls.
  3. They don’t hang out with you.
  4. They give you instructions on a matter and you don’t follow them.
  5. They don’t prophesy on your demand.
  6. They won’t let you buy a word from them and refuse your money.
  7. They won’t sleep with you or marry you.
  8. They are being used more than you in their gifting.
  9. They won’t allow you to play them against or compare them to other prophets.

Many times people spread rumors and untruths about a prophet, because they have ‘oughts,’ or they are jealous of that prophet.  Getting revelation from God, watching that Prophet’s fruit and relationship with God, and seeing their obedience and humility, will help you in determining if that Prophet is false.

False prophets are full of pride and always trying to discredit other prophets.  True Prophets honor each other pray for each other lift each other up because they know they just a vessel used by God to speak on His behalf.

People, before you believe anyone when they call somebody false, find out what their relationship is with that prophet.  You may find yourself touching God’s anointed and doing His prophets harm, because of some person that is anger upset or just jealous of the person.

Generational Respect and Disrespect

I am noticing such a disrespect in this hour of the younger generation toward those that are older.  It seems that they believe that they don’t need to hear the older people version of holiness and righteous when it comes to character and integrity.

No matter how much you say God is doing a new thing, He will never destroy the foundation of what He has created.  The foundation of holiness and righteousness requires character integrity godly attitudes discipline correction love humility and obedience.  Your new thing will never remove His old foundation.

Growing in Christ taught me how to respect those that had wisdom and knowledge.  It was my sitting at the feet of the older generation that loved God that taught me the principles of godly character and behavior that I walk in today.  When people say I’m old school I take it as a compliment.  It is the old school that taught me my foundation of seeking God fasting and praying studying the word learning the ways of obedience.

Old school taught me how to shut up and listen to advice that help me to bring my flesh under subjection.  It was old school that taught be how to live a sanctified and consecrated life before God and the people.  They taught me how to be focused and to shun the appearance of evil.

Yes I love old school ways of discipline correction and guidance and I use those same principles to teach others in ministry how to obtain a relationship in God.  The Lord just had me observing the young people that are coming forth now for awhile He said I want you to sit back and watch them and let me give you a observation of some things.  I have noticed that many not all of them but I have seen a great majority of them that:

  1. Have a great calling on their life but they are unstable in their walk.
  2. They have great revelation but little knowledge of word to help support it.
  3. Have an anointing on their life but don’t have the Spirit of God controlling it.
  4. Operate in gifts but don’t have the wisdom in using them.
  5. Don’t like correction and reject discipline.
  6. Say they are hearing from God but make to many fleshly decisions.
  7. Have not develop character and learned how to control their attitudes.
  8. Are long rangers without any adult spiritual supervision.
  9. Rebel and degrade older people when they try to help or warn them.
  10. Jump and do things without truly seeking God or getting sound advice.
  11. Have a zeal but no prayer or fasting life.

I love the young people but I have a huge problem with those that become haughty and full of themselves just because they are called or have an anointing.  One thing I know about God, and nobody can convince me of anything different, and that is the fact that He loves order obedience and humbleness!

A lot of these young people won’t allow you to tell them about the foundation of holiness concerning character.  The lifestyle how you act think talk dress carry yourself are important if you want to be respected honor taken serious in your walk!  Young people, sometimes the older generation can teach you something that can spare you trouble heartache and pain.

The next time they want to share why don’t you just take the time to listen you may just find out that they know more about life then you do!   Why because we have been there done that.  Nothing new under the sun!  We just want to help you not stop you!!

The Greatest Christian Accomplishment

The greatest accomplishment you can ever do in life, is to win a soul to Christ!

So often we are building ministries but not building souls. We take more time preparing for a conference or event, than we do in preparing a soul to obtain salvation.

The priorities of the church have become so self centered. The things that are done are more centered on building names, ministries and an entourage of people that make man an idol, or god, rather than bringing souls to Christ.  Instead of focusing on the main reason we are called to preach the gospel.

We become glory hungry, celebrity status prideful, acting preachers of fame and fortune, while souls only mean a way of gaining prosperity, through their tithes and offerings.

  • How did we become preachers of greed?
  • What happen that we lost focus on bringing souls to Christ?
  • What is the real reason we are preaching?
  • Is it truly to win souls, or to make our name great and gain material things?
  • How did we lose our fear of God?

Bringing preachers back to their first love is important, so that when they are before the people, they will preach Christ and not themselves.  Teaching and preaching the love of Jesus and letting people know that He is the way, the truth and the life, should be our heart desire.

Focusing on souls building people up in their walk of salvation preparing them for the coming of The Lord is more important than anything.

I can have popularity and be loved by man, obtain all the material things I want, build the biggest ministry on earth, have all the money in the world, and yet it’s not these things that make us pleasing or productive to God’s kingdom.

When you can turn a life to Christ snatch a soul from hell and introduce Jesus to someone who is lost then you have accomplish what God has brought you into the earth to do.

Winning souls is my greatest passion!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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