The Heart of a Psalmist


A psalmist of today would be one whose heart is after the heart of God.  He would be one who delights to be in the presence of God and even longs to be.  It would be his chief joy.  He would be one who finds the time and the place to be alone with Him and has an intimate relationship with Him.  He would find the time just to be quiet and still with Him and even basks in His presence.

A psalmist of today, and also a worship leader, would be one who knows the voice of the Lord and spends much time communicating with Him.  Because he has spent much time with Him, the Holy Spirit flows through him freely.  He gets much practice playing his instruments and singing to Him because he has made worshipping God a way of life not just something he prepares to do to come before a congregation to lead others into worship.

Because he is one who truly worships the Lord, others are led into the throne room of God freely because there is an anointing of praise and worship upon him.

Because he is a man of integrity and he takes his calling seriously, the enemy of God has no place in his life; therefore, there is no hindrances in his ministry.  He has set the priorities in his life right according to the perfect will of the Lord.  There is divine order in his life in every area and in his relationships with his elders, peers, family members, employers, and also in his marriage.

He is one who is meek and teachable, submissive, and has a sweet spirit, and is sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  He only seeks to bring glory to the Father and strives not to bring it to himself.  He is very careful not to fall into the sins of pride, rebellion, materialism, vanity, complacency, or worldly living.  He lives to serve the Lord in his calling and in his daily life.  This is not just a profession or an occupation for him but it is his heart’s desire to worship the Lord.

He knows the balance of intercession and worship, warfare and praise, and can discern the leading of the Holy Spirit in these areas.  He knows the importance and power that lies in praise and worship.  He is not out to entertain others but has the heart to lead others into high praise and worship of the Father.  He seeks only to please the Father and never gives into fear of man.  He is not completely dictated by a time schedule but knows when it is the Father’s heart to spend more time with His children.  He knows that unity in the brethren and intimacy with the Father are of number one importance in worship.

There is much mature fruit of the Spirit displayed in his life and also the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The Word of the Lord flows freely through him both during his daily life and also when he leads worship.  The song of the Lord also flows freely through him.  He has both skill in the natural art of music and also moves prophetically in voice and in playing his instruments. He is gifted both ways.  He doesn’t trust solely in his natural talent but allows the Holy Spirit to flow freely.

No man can be perfect, but a true psalmist knows the importance of setting a good example and preserving his testimony as a Christian.  He can also be transparent and can share when he has fallen short.  He is one who can be easily related to.  He doesn’t pressure others to conform to his convictions but abundantly shares grace to those who need the encouragement to overcome.  He edifies others by his behavior, his speech, and his actions.  He truly lives a life of faith totally dependent upon the Lord for strength daily.  He is one who is humble and seeks to lift others up.

On the whole this man, who is a true psalmist, is both a delight for the Lord to be with and also the brethren.  He is one you can see Jesus in because he has practiced living the crucified life and allowing the Holy Spirit to live through him.  He has found a true balance in his life, one who patterns his life after Jesus who is full of grace and truth.  This man is no novice but has been prepared by God for his ministry through many trials and hardships.  He has learned to be content in all situations and knows the importance of not complaining, being critical, or rebellious in any way.

He knows the importance and also practices keeping watch at all times and not allowing the enemy access to his life through willful sin.

So you can see, there is much more involved in being a psalmist than just being skilled in voice and in playing an instrument well.  Everything that he is and does effects his ministry.  What is in his heart comes out of his mouth.  This calling is something he can’t pretend to have.  He is one who is truly called by the Lord and is anointed by God to move in this gifting.  He cannot just be trained to take this position.

King David is the greatest example of a true psalmist to follow after.  It was his heart’s desire to worship the Lord even as a small child.  Psalms flowed through him naturally his whole life as he sang to the Lord.  Because he spent much time with the Lord, the Holy Spirit trained him and gave him talent and skill in music.  He received much practice because he longed to draw away from others to be alone with God.  Therefore when he was with others who were troubled, his gifting flowed with the fruit of love, peace, joy and healing.  He ministered greatly to those who were around him in deliverance.

True praise will break the yoke and bring the breakthrough that is needed individually, corporately, and even will pull down strongholds in the heavenlies.  There is so much power in praise in worship and there is an awesome responsibility upon the psalmist and also a great joy to behold this calling.  One whose heart is truly after the heart of God is a true psalmist.


~  Yolanda Ballard

Yolanda BallardYolanda Ballard
of At The Father’s Feet website shares with you, the body of Christ, the words she’s received quietly sitting at the Father’s feet.  I believe Jesus set the example for us to follow.  Whenever He could He would come apart from the busyness of the world so that He could quiet Himself before the Father, for that is where He received direction and strength to carry out His will.



The Heart of a Psalmist — 3 Comments

  1. Lord I can turn how many pages reading on You,
    I can pray, worship and dance for You
    I can pray in tongues and sit at Your feet
    Touch Your garment and Your feet
    I can cry my heart out and wet the floor
    Sit in silence waiting ….for You
    LORD I can rise early and walk out with You
    Going to my bedroom when I hear You knock
    And lay at Your feet, hunger and thirsty for You
    But Lord unless YOU come to Me
    Unless You talk to me
    Unless You touch me with Your love,
    Your power
    Meet me and be gracious to me…
    Lord….i will stay unfulfilled, dry, thirsty in a hard place
    Where i will keep searching hoping to have You touch me.
    Lord please COME, enter in, whatever You need to do to get through
    Come and enter in
    Rush in with Your flood
    Gather in by Your cliud
    Come in Your wind and shaking
    Come Lord come in!
    Lord Lord Lord!
    Its only You .. i am after You
    Chase after me, here I am, catch me, here i am
    Overtake and overflood and overwhelm me
    I want You. I want You.
    I want You. Hear my cry. All of me
    That from deep within too
    Crying out to Thee!
    Amen. Amen. Amen.

  2. This is wonderful, and so true. The Psalms themselves are the VERY HEART of God’ WORD, and WORSHIP IS the Key of David, and since our Father has led me into WORSHIP in Spirit and in Truth, I have seen a greater light, and known more comfort than at any time ever in my life…thank you for your words and dedication to Christ.