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The Hornet of Joshua 24 Will Drive Out Hamas Before Them — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing very encouraging , father please,let the hornets do their work quickly efficiently and at little price in terms of casualties.

  2. Drache symbolisiert immer den Feind und bedeutet nichts Gutes für Israel. In Bibel wird
    Satan als der Drache bezeichnet ,Offenbarung 12.

    [ HKO : “Dragon always symbolizes the enemy and does not mean anything good for Israel.  In Bible will
    Satan referred to as the dragon, Revelation 12.” ]

    • Hornet = Strong’s H6880 = ṣirʿâ – hornet, wasp, stinging hornet

      Root of H6880 = H6879 = ṣāraʿ (verb) – to be struck with a scourge such as leprosy

  3. I was hoping you would post today, I had a short dream last night about Israel.  Here is the dream
    Last night I had a dream, a group of people wearing the Israeli flag & I knew I was in Israel, someone said “Look Israel has a dragon too” I looked & there was a creature there with an Israeli flag on & it was furry, long blondish grey fur & it was big & long.  In the dream I knew this was good & it would protect Israel…..
    Any thoughts ?  That was it, the creature was long & big.

    • What flashed into my mind, Lisa, was Donald Trump, who is Tall & Big, with Blondish/grayish hair.  He will support & protect Israel, when re-elected on Nov 5, just as he did during his first term.

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