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The Hour of Testing, Shaking and Earthquakes! — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Elizabeth Marie –

    It is so evident to me that The Lord is speaking loud and clear – to all who will hear Him. Your post is one more confirmation.

    At 3 a.m. last night I was awakened, the Lord’s presence was strong, and just waited on Him. I posted it at 4 a.m. of 4/24/24 – today’s date, a serious Word “It’s Go Time”.  I noticed more words on this site (Priscilla, Ken) with the same serious message, similar to yours.

    I can see Holy Spirit in all this calling in the Midnight Hour to this earth- come into the Ark while you still can.

  2. Grazie per questa parola necessaria che porta ancora più luce e chiarezza sulle Verità essenziali di questi tempi della fine.

    [ HKP : “Thank you for this necessary word that brings even more light and clarity on the essential Truths of these end times.
    Blessings♡” ]

  3. I was given the exact same word 2 1/2 years ago(same scriptures, did a word study on shake through the Bible- always spiritual first then physical- spiritual began in 2020, waiting on the earth to respond). The shaking is the opening of the 6th seal. I’ve had 4 dreams of what it will look like and how we will be working the harvest. It will be very challenging but the lack of fear I felt was remarkable. I just jumped into action.

    • It is also important to note that judgment begins in the house of God first. As Ezekiel 9 states, “and begin at my sanctuary“. What we are experiencing right now is the reveal of the stump of the oak tree(The church) that was chopped down at the beginning of 2020 when the doors closed, as prophesied and Isaiah 6:10–13. The remnant, 10%, was in the stump. That’s how small it really is. I believe it has grown some since, but if truly there are five wise virgins and five foolish ones and if one is taken and the other left, we are seeking to make that number 50%. Meaning half of those who call themselves “Christian“ are actually going to be the bride of Christ.  then the tribulation for the world will begin once the tribulation of the Saints has concluded.

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