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  1. What a confirmation to me Gabrielle. I have been reading and re-reading every thing I have written about the King of Glory for days and I know I was to just repost one of them. So…thank you for your beautiful obedient heart that is flowing with heaven. xoxo Sandi

    • Dear Sandi, How wonderful!  I actually received this psalm from the Holy Spirit last Saturday in a most peculiar way. I woke up to the the pictured sunrise and was so astonished that it was so red! I felt led by the Holy Spirit to write what I wrote right there in my bedroom. Then shortly afterwards my mom sent a text picture of the photograph of the sunrise and I KNEW our LORD was speaking. ❤️ I have been holding onto the psalm and photo until this morning when I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Now I know why!  I hope this helps you with your post!

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