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The Kingdom of God ~ How Big Is Your God? — 3 Comments

  1. There is a diffrence between ownership and use.  Ask any Landlord.
    Jesus owna the earth but Satan has the right to rule it because man sinned and chose the rule of Satan over that of God.
    After Calvary Jesus has the right to rule the earth but has not chosen to do so because He cannot take it from Satan until Satan is judged, which happens afer the tribulation when Satan is imprisoned in the Abyss.

    Satan is allowed to rule for three reasons:
    Jesus cannot legally remove Satan because Satan can complain Jesus hindered his rule
    To sift people to see who will follw Jesus or Satan
    The final harvest has not occurred so the rapture cannot occur yet

    After the final harvest occurs then the rapture can occur and Satan will rule the earth without interferance from Jesus or The Holy Spirit.
    Then Satan will be comletely responsible for what happens on earth and can be judged and removed for the bad stewardship he does to the earth in the tribulaion.
    Jesus will be shown then to be rightous in removing Satan and taking back the rulership of His property (earth) and will show how Satan should have ruled so the Jesus will be rigteous in casting satan into his final punishment.

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