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The Kingdom’s Most Thrilling Letter — 1 Comment

  1. What a privilege it is to have been caught as the instigator to your awesome Word, Jim!  I have only recently been searching out the Words posted here, looking for prophets I can trust with serving up the Word of God accurately.  What better way to confirm a prophet of the Lord than by my own witness to your Word post!  Yes, Jim, I did say that, exactly as you described it above.  I can confirm your Word, and further, now confirm you are one of the Lord’s true prophets, for what you have reported is true and correct.  Can you imagine our Father in Heaven, with tens of thousands of worshiping heavenly hosts & angels all around Him, when a tiny little whisp of smoke begins rising from the floor at His feet?  And He holds up His hand to silence all of heaven, and everyone leans forward in anticipation to see and hear what He will do next.  And then He says- listen!  And from that tiny whisp of smoke comes the sound of a little voice exclaiming what you have reported!  Amazing! Awesome Word, Jim!  I’m so humbled & thankful to be a part of it.  God bless you, my brother…  rick

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