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The Land Needs to Be Purged — 5 Comments

  1. “Some would storm a White House thinking that their allegiance is a noble one, and yet in their great fervor, they destroyed many things and killed others.”

    No one “stormed the White House”, they were LET IN.  Have you not seen the videos that clearly show this?

    • Karen,
      I don’t even think I should respond to this frivolous statement, and yet it seems that perhaps I must.  I truly get tired of such petty comments. Obviously these folks were not “let in.”  I truly wonder sometimes what has even happened to plain old common sense. Perhaps it would be good to sit before the Lord and simply listen to His voice. Peace.

    • Hi Karen,
      I know many people and prayer groups that were present in D.C. on that day. LIVE reports were sent back to prayer teams and the funniest thing is that none of them saw any of those things happen. There was one (honest) eye witness who helped a police officer in distress. His story was never told but the prayer teams had the footage. Our God knows the truth and He is Truth.

  2. James, I replied to your email and said that the Gnostic text is not a doctrine that I adhere to, nor hopefully all who gather here on this forum. This is not about a certain select people who are “right” nor supposedly “good.” None of us are good inherently. This is about the division that exists within our land and repeatedly the Lord Himself has spoken to me many times about this issue.

  3. The people of the world are good. Only the evil rulers of earth are the ones sowing into the masses sinister wicked subliminal programming through the derogatory movies, music, technoligical, advancements. Read agenda 21. They want to kill the poeple of earth. The Families of working class in the Reunited States of America are good caring honest hearted people, who have been trained to be comfortable and not facing their own self sustainability, through a evil banking empire constructed to control. Secret society’s from hindreds of years have evil plans and have opressed good people. Good people outnumber the wicked controling our food and money system. Roll back 200 years and that was real living. Adventure, homesteading, no modern toxic technology and frequencies in the air manipulating masses of people. There was wholesomeness. Purge the evil leaders and the problem goes away. Purged the food options and use music to see nations without war and united in harmony. God wants a people of praise yes! But there is a deception so big it would blow your mind to wake up and see it clearly. Unlearn what you think you know. Gnostic text is clearly the answer. God is on the Thrown and not punishing us like Sodem. His is calling us in mercy and truth, to know him and his inheritance of love for all people.

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