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At the Last Moment — 2 Comments

  1. Amen. I was studying earlier Ps 33:10 “The LORD nullifies the plan of nations;
    He frustrates the plans of peoples.”

    Also, I was watching, last night, a Christian program about the Red Sea crossing. I believe it was made in 2016 so the information was fairly recent. They said, with I thought, pretty good evidence to substantiate their claims, from the Egyptian point of departure to their arrival point in, now, Saudi Arabia, is 13 miles ( across now Gulf of Aqaba)!! They showed pictures of Egyptian chariot wheels, old human bones and even horses’ remains, having been incrusted by Coral, found under water along that passage way. There is even an area on the Egyptian shore line, by the departure point, where, it appears, the rock and sand have been fused, melted together. This could be where YHVH’s Pillar of Fire stood to confuse the Egyptian Army, Ex 14:23-24. Pretty Amazing Stuff!

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