The Light of Opportunity for America


It is with trepidation I write what I spoke to my wife Jill a couple of days ago, but I now feel called to post this Word.

I read much prophecy each day and on occasions the LORD gives me Words and thoughts – words of knowledge – for people, while drawing me to certain Words of others as important and crucial, even though I don’t always see how they sit into the larger picture.

That said, as I spoke with Jill, the LORD led my words to speak out loud about the United States of America, American President Donald J. Trump and about the next few years in America.

As I talked I saw images of the United States of America surrounded by a violent darkness (like thunder clouds), and that darkness was slowly closing in, to crush the lands of America.

I understand that that darkness is demonic oppression and it will spare no one and no thing.

At the far side of the circle of darkness, I saw a long tunnel leading to a bright light.  That tunnel was also closing in.

As I watched that tunnel reducing in size, I recognized that it was the only means of escape for America, and soon, very soon, it would close and America would be trapped.

I understood that tunnel to be the only window of opportunity for the U.S.A. to change things, but the tunnel was and is, diminishing fast.

Initially I thought the light I saw was the end of the tunnel and of a brightness beyond, but the LORD explained that no, it was the Light of Opportunity for the American Church (and American Christians) to come together in unity, forgiveness and repentance and lead the lands of the U.S.A., into Godly repentance, before it is too late.

As I understand, America has been given a grace period of the length of President Trump’s term of office.  If President Trump fails to complete his first term of office, or does not win re-election, the grace period for America will end immediately.

What happens after that I cannot say, but I know it is not good news for America or the rest of the world, as the demonic darkness will close in completely, with catastrophic results for us all.

As I understand also, the light the LORD has provided, this period of Grace, this period of Opportunity, is there for the Church.  But the Church needs to reach out and take hold of it and use it, use the light, so that through unity, forgiveness and repentance, first in and by the Church, then in and by America at large, so that the encroaching demonic darkness can be overcome and destroyed.

The Church needs to take that light of Grace, that light of Opportunity which the LORD has provided, and let it shine in all places of darkness and dispel them.

If and when the American Church come together and starts to use the opportunity which the LORD has provided, I saw images of the darkness starting to break up, crumble and vanish.  As it did, light began to pour out from America.  I have no idea what followed that.

I believe that the American Church and American Christians are at a turning point today.  They have to make a choice to support what the LORD is doing through President Donald J. Trump and ensure he completes his first term of office and wins the second, or let demonic darkness descend on the land and the world.

I ask you in all seriousness and sincerity, to please take this before the LORD and test the Spirit.

We are certainly praying that the Church in America will take this light of opportunity and make a difference for the LORD and His Kingdom on earth.


~ Angus MacKillop





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The Light of Opportunity for America — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Angus
    This ‘dream” of powerful united Christians in America, and hopefully also in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and around the globe, started when JESUS CHRIST began His holy task on earth. What happened since then ? Spiritual darkness, blindness, mockery, pride, cowardice, selfishness, hate and more evil (2. Timothy 3) are predicted and is getting more worse as it ever was before. It is written. GOD knew the hearts of mankind that a great falling
    away from Him in the last days would come, through increasing rebellion against all unity and biblical prophecy. Like in the DAYS OF NOAH. He has set an appointed time. For they only learn and turn, when His judgments strike. This is written in His Word. There was much time for all nations to hear and learn about and from Him and His Son.  TV, radio, internet – the gospel is now made known all over the world. All is said and done. But not all will be saved.
    Angus, I appreciate, I value your good thoughts and hopes. Reality will soon show another result. Wide is the way to death, and small is the path to life, and only a few walk on it. This is the Word of the LORD.