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The Light of Opportunity for America — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Angus
    This ‘dream” of powerful united Christians in America, and hopefully also in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and around the globe, started when JESUS CHRIST began His holy task on earth. What happened since then ? Spiritual darkness, blindness, mockery, pride, cowardice, selfishness, hate and more evil (2. Timothy 3) are predicted and is getting more worse as it ever was before. It is written. GOD knew the hearts of mankind that a great falling
    away from Him in the last days would come, through increasing rebellion against all unity and biblical prophecy. Like in the DAYS OF NOAH. He has set an appointed time. For they only learn and turn, when His judgments strike. This is written in His Word. There was much time for all nations to hear and learn about and from Him and His Son.  TV, radio, internet – the gospel is now made known all over the world. All is said and done. But not all will be saved.
    Angus, I appreciate, I value your good thoughts and hopes. Reality will soon show another result. Wide is the way to death, and small is the path to life, and only a few walk on it. This is the Word of the LORD.

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