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  1. I’ll try and make this is short as possible. I was feeding on Tim Sheets message for October 2023 then during the night I had awoken and I had a thought about taking my hand drum and driving through my community here in Lane County, Eugene, Oregon. Then when I awoken this morning, I was feeding on Eby‘s monthly newsletter, I have finished page 4 and I decided if I was going to take my drum and drive through the streets and bang my drum I better get going before others woke up so at 6 AM this morning I took my hand drum and went driving for about 3 1/2 hours in my community, pulling down the strong holes pulling down that bear spirit, the Jezebel spirit, etc. I hadn’t had time to read this message here until 10 PM tonight so I been bawling all the way through it. Yes I did hear the Lord and I wasn’t being crazy. I just want to thank you prophets and prophetess who hear from the Lord but I’m learning to hear from the Lord and to obey that still small voice. thank you God bless you all as we press on to take our country back, in Jesus name, the battle has been won and the war cry is going out, so I just encourage each of you if you hear something strange to do it. do take action .

  2. Hi … just found it interesting that i am in the process of writing the Epilogue to my story and researching re war drums etc – and discovered what you shared. Thank you.

  3. I just love this word, thank you for sharing Deborah!!
    From the time I was a little girl, my favorite Christmas story is the Little Drummer Boy. And as I was reading this post the Lord brought that back to my remembrance.
    It’s incredible, It’s NOW!!!
    God bless beautiful lady!! :D

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