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The LORD Chooses The Process! — 2 Comments

  1. Pastor Debra, thank you for this timely word from the Holy spirit to me. Yes, I have always wondered why the things I know God do easily for others but mine takes a longer process & time. Although, GOD told me IF I will still TRUST HIM, HE will do it in HIS own way and not how I want it done! I never knew HE WAS TALKING ABOUT CHOOSING THE PROCESS OF PURIFICATION & REFINING FOR ME! Now i know My God chooses the PROCESS & as such knows what isBEST for me. Father Lord, I pray through your son our Lord Jesus Christ to please equip & grant me the GRACE to stand this process you have chosen for me. Forgive me for my complaints every time, forgive me for not seeing things in your ways, forgive me for not allowing you to complete the process. Father Lord, I surrender ALL to you today & Beyond. Have your ways LORD in my life!

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