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The LORD Has Called and Chosen You — 3 Comments

  1. Praise God!Glory be to the Lord, who is able to “Call and Choose” the unqualified outside of him, but qualified in his divine “Might, Strength, “Power, by his Spirit. God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! I pray that you are doing well in the Lord and in general. I embrace this Prophetic Word from the Lord, because I’ve many of times, questioned the Lord as to whether I am called or chosen by him, that means so much to me, for I by no means would try to call myself, saying God called or chosen me to do a work for him, if hasn’t.

    It is sincerely faith and trust unwavering in Jesus Christ our Lord, walking not by what we see, but by our heart, full dependency on him. I thank you Lord and thank you Pastor June Reinke! God bless you, praying that you have a beautiful day in the Lord Jesus Christ!️

  2. It Tis the Way of HIM at this Time!
    HE has been Speaking to Me
    In This Way of Transition
    In HIS Moving of Me and much more .
    The Training of Deep Preparation
    By Our Unseen Commander:
    Jehoveh Tsaba
    May We All Be Encouraged as
    We Walk THRU
    Our Own Individual Battles and More
    Led by HIM Thru HIS Word and
    Guided/Counseled by HIS Holy Spirit
    Thru the Land Mines placed to
    Try and Trip Us Up.
    ❣️Thank You for this
    Very Full and Encouraging Word .
    Encouraging as well as Instructive
    Of HIM To HIS.
    It Speaks Fully!
    Lord Bless You and Strengthen and
    Refresh You NonStop.
    Pour Out HIS Favor Upon You/Continually.
    Surrounding You and Yours with
    HIS Shield of Divine Powerful Protection.
    And Healing Flowing thru and in You/forever.
    Meeting Your every need/Above and Beyond
    In HIS Fullness!
    Soaking You in HIS Shed Blood Jesus’s
    and Filling You/always with HIS Wisdom
    and more.

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