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The LORD Has Separated You For a Purpose! — 13 Comments

  1. There is a new temple under construction built on the foundation of Christ. There are only limited views of it now, but fuller revelation is on the way. Oneness is the heart of God expressed in the new temple. In the upper room at the final supper of Christ, he says in his prayer that we will be one with the Father as he is one with the Father. All true worship will be expressed through a new, closer intimacy with God through his Son and his Spirit. No one comes to the Father except through the Son, and you must worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Christ is Truth. Christ and the Spirit are the foundation of worship, the only way to commune with the Father and the foundation of a new temple not built by human hands. You are here for a purpose.

    • This is the time of the Upper Room and the infilling and outpouring of the Spirit. May we receive Him with contrite ness of heart. All baggage gets burnt up and we step into His glory.

  2. Great word, and I totally agree with David and Lee! This is going to get harder as the enemy works over time to rush his anti-Christ agenda. He wants us to hate each other and condemn each other with our mouths. That tongue that is set on fire by hell! Lord, let this not be so! I’ve actually made a prayer out of several scriptures for lips of gold. God help us all.
    I have a question. I am naturally a pretty cautious person, and I often doubt if I am hearing the Lord or if its my own thoughts. That being said, I’m pretty convinced I heard Him tell me that we are currently at the waiting of the 6th seal in Revelation 6. I had 2 very real and prophetic dreams that confirmed that notion. Here’s my question, I felt as though the 4 horseman from the first 4 seals were from the enemy camp, even though God gives them power to do thus and such, in reality, He gives power to the enemy and all his demons or else they wouldn’t have any, right? So, my spirit concluded that I should pray to bind those horseman and “in the way of John the Baptist” prepare the way for Messiah to come, for the Wrath of the Lamb, the opening of the 6th seal?
    I know this is a little all over the place, but I thought you all could help me make sense of what I’ve been hearing for 4 months. Also, the earthquake and other cosmic disturbances, are the “shaking” that everyone is awaiting. When the “sky rolls up like a scroll” that’s when I think we are “raptured”, then all the powerful and rich (symbolizing the ungodly) run and hide because the Wrath of the Lamb has come. Please feel free to straighten me out on any of this. Lots of Love.

    • Thank you for your comments. As to where we are in His timeline, I don’t know. I know He has been emphasizing the 4 horsemen to me, and many other things. But He reveals in part so that we stay focused on the fact He could come at any time if He wants to. May our hearts be in tune with the Father’s and we focus on ministering to Jesus, no matter where we are in the timeline of things here on earth.

  3. I agree with David.
    The Lord has come down on me heavily in terms of my harsh tongue, snapish attitude, and speaking in anger.  He has told me to show love to others and be soft even if they mess up.
    Most of all, He’s severely reprimanded me for complaining & murmuring about how long His promises are coming to pass, unanswered prayers.
    He told me that when I enter His presence, that is, converse with Him I need to show REVERENCE & RESPECT‼️ I have not been doing that and speak very roughly with a condescending attitude and He’s had enough.  He keeps bringing to mind the Ark Of The Covenant and how the royal priesthood respected Him.
    Last night, I profusely apologized for my horrible sin of pride and asked Him to make me humble and to stop judging/scrutinizing others behaviour and faulting them so strongly and not think of myself great.
    The Lord is Very Stern in dealing with us while we are still in the hour of grace.  I woke up this morning feeling like hugging & uniting with all my relatives, no matter our differences, as though the Lord has an urgency to unite His Body of believers and is asking us to stop being petty coz Time⏱️ is of the essence⌛ I hope this resonates with someone!  He is allowing us this grace period to be recruited in His army for His Glory to overshadow us.  Let us be prompt to respond while the candidates are still being selected.  I don’t want to grind my teeth to find out I missed the glory train..
    Lord help us all

  4. Yes I willing to you Holy spirit,
    to leave all behind and be ignited by holy Spirit and become Holy ad in one mind with you Lord.

  5. I would warn all those who believe they are truly Christ’s to be carful not to crucify Christ all over again by condemning the move of Gods hand which is at hand. Many will think it is the devil come to destroy the present church. We only have 7 years to get this other wise all you see will come back with a vengeance. Be quick to listen slow to speak and most of all slow to anger. The moment of time is upon us and will not come again. So listen up and be careful with that little member in your mouth and setting on fire what the one true God is doing.

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