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The LORD Has Unlimited Power — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Dearest prophetess JUNE for this prophetic words meant strictly for me. I know my God will give me a MIRACLE that looks too good to be true & will shock my mockers & naysayers. Father I rely absolutely on you because you are the God of times & seasons. You’re Jehovah who is unpredictable & do miracles that is unsearchable & Man can’t fathom. All Glory to you Lord!

  2. Yes, Praise the Lord! God is Good! God bless you, Sister Reinke! The Lord is the Main Divine Source of Power, through the Holy Ghost!️ As humans we could not endure a 1/4 of the Power, imparted from God, we wouldn’t live, it would consume this fleshly and natural body. I so do desire to see the divine miracles from the Hands of the Lord, desiring to see his Mighty Move through his Spirit.

    Our God is an Awesome, On Time, All Powerful, the Only God! Thank you, Jesus! God bless you, Minister Reinke! It is always a joy to hear the Word if the Lord through the posts that you share so faithfully, so much appreciated and embraced. Have a blessed and amazing day in Jesus Christ our Lord! Peace and Blessings!️

  3. Alleluia!! FATHER GOD, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! All things are in YOUR hands.
    We pray. We wait on YOU.
    We trust in YOUR WORD.

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