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The LORD is Multiplying Your Harvest — 3 Comments

  1. These are powerful words, and truth ! One of the modern tactics and lies of the devil and his helpers is, to make people believe even the worst twisted ideas or ideologies.  One example: They try to tell people, all problems are only in their minds. This is a perfide, planned, evil and abusive system of mind control. Destinies can easily be brought to failure, in hidden but orchestrated ways. It also happened to the most upright people in history. BUT GOD…. HE works in other dimensions, and HE does never sleep. For this truth and for His sudden turnarounds I will always be thankful. He sent proofs and miracles. Yes, you are right: Reward for good works will be double or more manifold. It`s not about works, and it`s not about me. I just want to confirm and to confess your words. THANK YOU ALL ! YOU SENT MORE THAN WORDS !
    An example for GOD`s system: After I recently (like always in my life) gave out help to the needy, in food, clothes, money, making room, sharing time and energy, sudden miraculous small and greater rewards were and are unfolding.

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