The Lord Offers CLARITY to the Remnant


I am hearing the Word, CLARITY.

The word of The Lord to the remnant:

“I Am that I Am is coming to My Holy Ones with a new sense of CLARITY.
I am sharpening your spiritual senses to see clearly and to hear more precisely.
I am amplifying the Gift of discerning of Spirits.
This is the hour of the release of the eye salve anointing.
Ask Me”, says the Lord “For the eye salve!
Ask Me to see clearly.
That is My desire.  I will surely hear your prayers and enhance your ability to see too, the spirits behind the words, which you hear.
The wicked one is releasing greater deception, so I am sharpening your perception” says The Lord.
“Do not fear and do not faint, but commit your souls to Me who is able to keep that which you have trusted me with.
I will cause you to shine brighter.
I am sharpening the giftings, graces and perceptions of My sons and daughters, that they may not be defiled by the muddy waters the enemy is pouring out.”


Kevin NugentKevin Nugent





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  1. I am so blessed by your messages and would like to know more about receiving prayers from Apostle Kevin.