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The LORD said, “Enough is Enough!” — 5 Comments

  1. I agree President Donald Trump is in Gods plan for this nation. The American people need to open their eyes and see what President Trump is doing for the good of this nation. He is God’s Chosen Vessel and the Democrates are going to fail at every attempt of evil against him. The Living God will not allow it, God stopped the Left Party from winning the first time and He will do it again till our President finishes his second term. Then the Left will have their turn and all HELL UPON HELL will be released on this Nation. They are waiting to destroy the United States. By that time I am hoping the antichrist will step in.

  2. America is wicked and evil and they welcome it with open Arms. Every type of abomination imaginable takes place daily. The wicked no longer try to hide but flaunt it in your face. America is already destroyed and no man can save them from what is coming.

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