The Lord says, Receive MY End-times Apostles and Prophets!


Thus saith the Lord, I am sifting, purging, breaking, refashioning, reforming, refreshing, restoring and remolding My leaders who are the pioneers for the new thing I am doing.

A new thing, which is not really a new thing, but the maturity of what I began in the first Century through My Holy Apostles of the first century and what they began in the Book of Acts.

In this hour I am Releasing My End time Apostles and Prophets.  Those bearing the weight of My Government and the fullness of my Glory.  They are Crucified Ones.  They will be immersed and baptized in The spirit of The Fear of The Lord and they will see the fruition and the fulfillment of the seeds and foundations which My Original Apostles laid.

They are My point guard for this hour and even now, they are Ascending My Holy Mountain.  They are being equipped with new strategies, new blueprint patterns of what the Church is to look like and how it is to function.

There will be a great shaking, uprooting, plucking up and pulling down.  These end-times Prophets are coming forth to uproot every thing that is not of Me in My House, Says the Lord.

They are being released with a new level of authority and fire and power and utterance, to demolish everything, every thought, every stronghold, that is Hindering the Bride of Christ from coming to maturity, says the Lord.

It is essential that you recognize and receive My words and messages from their lips, for their words will come forth with a fire which consumes everything, that is not of Me.  These end-time sent ones are coming forth in the Spirit and power of Elijah and the Spirit and power of Moses.

They carry My full Authority and the fullness of My Power shall rest upon them.  They have My word for the Hour.

Receive them and you will receive the Strength and Power to stand.  Reject them and you will become apostate.


Kevin NugentKevin Nugent





The Lord says, Receive MY End-times Apostles and Prophets! — 3 Comments

  1. I would like to confirm the above prophecy, as I felt a quickening in my spirit when reading the above prophetic word from The Lord – praise and glory to our king

  2. Oh yes, truly this message is from GOD ALMIGHTY, and it is really very urgent for these APOSTLES & PROPHETS to appear and rescue the church and all believers from being misled by deceptive teachings that allures precious souls away from being prepared to meet CHRIST AS HIS CHOSEN BRIDE.
    It breaks my heart to see how the demonic power of darkness is worshipped and exlated daily “before my eyes” – in my NATION with non-stop mass burnings of joss-sticks and joss-papers all around our homes. GOD ALMIGHTY must have mercy and forgive the sins of IDOLATORY & SATANIC WORSHIP in my land and SAVE MY NATION from the wrath of hell-fire.  CHRIST JESUS will bless & use you fruitfully, Bro Kevin Nugent!