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The LORD Wants Us to Pray! — 4 Comments

  1. I have also had this given to me, and knew that God was wanting us to pray.  We, as his people need to repent
    ,not only for ourselves but also for this nation.

  2. Thank you for your merciful word from the Father. I am concerned about other words prophesying that there is going to be catastrophe, especially in California. I choose to believe that God is merciful and for His children and will protect the remnant whom is spread out all over California also. Thank you so much. God bless you.

  3. Thank you for the prophetic word.  I agree with you that its time for prayers as we have a merciful father who forgives us our sins & can do the impossible.  Am always praying for HIS will to be done in America & the whole world . Also, to show us Mercy & overturn the punishment HE intends bringing on us for we have all sinned.

  4. Sister You FAITH WAS ABSOLUTELY UNTOUCHABLE with one single tool..! YOUR PRAYERS all the way through ♥♥♥HIS narrow Gates opened for You, AMÉN..!♥♥♥
    SELAH’s, touch continued till this times today..! AMÉN..! OBEDIENCE IN FULL SINCE.!


    MT 7

    Perseverance brings it all to Your FERVENT Acts today.!

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