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  1. Hallelujah Jesus thank you for your obedience God revealed this similar prophesy to me about the endanger of the wolves in sheep clothing that have shepherds over the lambs of God he showed me by sending me to several churches in a month I visited 4 different ones that all had false prophet the anointing and presence of the Lord our God and Jesus Christ was absence except when I arrived and brought the anointing with me I was sooo irritated I asked the Lord now why you have me here with these fake people and he showed me the impressionable faces of the people and how lost they were he spoke to me he said anyone can preach my word but you must teach my word so that they will be delivered and saved from the sin that Satan wants them to die in and the lack of knowledge that kills them! Save me sheep this said the lord and feed them accordingly to the proportions I want them to have and them what to feed them all the instruction the Lord came and over took me and he said they will honor and fear you for they will know you were from me he called me to be as in isiah the rebuilder or broken walls that dwell hallelujah your word gave me all I needed for the assignment and I understand it well may he richly bless you with more revelation and your hearts desire as you are obedient to his word and instructing his people in the body of Christ love you brother!

  2. Stephan’s prophecy touches me deeply.
    May 19, 2021 I saw a big elephant. In these words, “Something great is coming.”
    September 24 I saw a small elephant. “Something of great magnitude and impact is coming. Eyes will open and ears will hear…”.
    October 30 I saw a rock where the water was very sloshing against. On the rock was a plateau like a foundation.
    These images fit the image of Stephan.
    God has already prepared a shelter for His children. Close to Him. Don’t be overwhelmed by fear. God is our anchor.

  3. MUSICAL LIONS 1 Joy-Elijah Odom Pastor Jason Steege , lines up with your message last night and I believe that this is for many in our church.
    Last night, each time I closed my eyes, I saw a Lion with a crown on his head roaring. Nearer the end of the service, I saw lips, they were in praise (saw music notes) and then I saw the music notes turn to arrows leaving their mouth.

    MUSICAL LIONS 2 Vision Received June 17, 2010 by Chris Harvey during meeting in Perth Concerning Australian Revival
    December 8, 2012 by admin
    Vision Received 2010 June 17th by Chris Harvey
    Joshua Mills Meeting Perth Concerning Australian Revival
    As Joshua Mills played the piano and worshiped I had a glimpse into the realm of the spirit. I saw Australia covered with dead trees and dead fruit all over the ground. Then a mighty whirlwind came cross the country picking up all the dead fruit and taking it away.
    Then I was at Ayers Rock in the centre of the Nation of Australia, there was a mighty lion standing on top of Uluru, which is the indigenous name for Ayers Rock. He was roaring and out of his mouth were coming musical notes to the heavens. On each side of him were two great angels waving flags. [shortened]

    MUSICAL LIONS 3 Uluru has 2 lion’s heads see photo https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=3057272101173185&set=a.1410645992502479

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