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The LORD Will Fill You With His Glory — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord for you are a limitless God who has limitless gifts for me! Thank you Lord for filling me with your GLORY! Forgive me Lord for using my human sense to judge, limit your power & put to you in a religious box. God bless you Pastor Reinke

  2. Amen and Amen Father.
    I live from the Kingdom of God upon the earth. From the position in Your Son at Your Right Hand, infused with the Power of Your Spirit through the Power of the Finished Work of the Cross.
    You, my Rewarder, through the Furnace of Affliction and the Fiery Trials, have become my Reward!!
    Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You Father!!
    Hold NOTHING back Father!!! ALL OF YOU!!! ALL OF YOH FATHER, ALL OF ME!!!

  3. AMÉN..! with THANKSGIVING for The TEACHING WORDS, SELAH by Faith To the our FATHERS REALMS from HEAVEN’ with SHALOM ADONAY for Everlasting Never ENDING..! AMÉN..!


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    MK 10.34-45

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