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The LORD Will Fill Your Coffers — 10 Comments

  1. Wow, this one is definitely for me. Thank you Deborah. Thank you Father God, and also thank you Cherish Berge for your comment was also what I needed. We have a good, good Father!

  2. This is December 30, 2023.  For days I keep hearing “I will fill your coffers”. So this morning early, 1:45 am, couldn’t sleep, so got up and heard God say, again, I,will fill your coffers so I asked God give me understanding with your wisdom Lord.  I asked online and this came up, oh what a word.  Thank you!! Making a needed move to new place from living in apartment to a beautiful one, much more money and was concerned about using my savings to pay for movers, new place, but. Knew it was God!! Wow

  3. Oh Wow!! The Lord has been reminding me recently of the book by Wendy Alec called, “Visions From Heaven”. I’ve listened to it on countless “dark nights” over this past 7 year stretch, and in the 3rd part, toward the middle, the Father shows her what’s to come for those who’ve been sifted by Satan. The coffins are opened and the plunder is released in Limitless portion!! Every form of every Beautiful Gift…ALL that was stolen, ALL that was lost…RESTORED!!! RESTORED!!! RESTORED!!! ABBA THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!
    We had to be sifted. If we’d received the blessings of our Abba Father in our flesh it would have destroyed us.
    One morning last summer as I was in the final part of my “all-night” prayer time with the Father, I stood to get ready for the day, and heard the Words, “You will be undefilable!!” UNDEFILABLE!!! I’m telling you, because of the extreme defilement of my past, which is still being cleansed, those are the most precious and beautiful words I’ve ever heard in my entire life!!!
    The Life He now is within me will pour into the Precious Gifts and Promises and will produce Life!!! And death is the final thing to go….and it must go!! It has no choice, Life has already swallowed it up!! VICTORY IS OURS !!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!!

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