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The LORD Will Heal You! — 6 Comments

  1. Unspeakable joy ful of GLORY
    PRAYER and PRAISE in the STORM
    When DEATH is only a SECOND away
    GOD will either REBUKE or ALLOW it PLACED you in LINE to be judged.
    He knows one’s pain and disappointment though ONE forebears so much⏰⌚⏰

  2. Thank you for every good word, every prayer and encouragement. May THE LORD bring the promised deliverance and restoration and all the justice, especially to those criminals who opened again my car, have switched on the lights again, almost emptied the car battery during below zero degrees, and who again broke in at my home today, destroyed the lamps on my Christmas tree and other lights on the ceiling while I was at work. I had a long and hard work day at 4 places. I am doing GOOD for GOD and the country, but some demonic bastards never want to quit hunting me. I have never given them this name. They are more worse than beasts of the field. They are beasts in human bodies.

  3. I receive these Words. I have been praying along these words, because I know that God is My Healer and all these things that I need. God is so Gracious and I love Him. Thanks for allowing Him to use you. God Bless !

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