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The LORD Will Perform His Promises — 5 Comments

    • I have a rebellions Son 50 he is bipolar@sugar diapetes he has been like this for years iam so tired of being called a witch I pray@ fast still nothing got said tome weeping for a nite but joy comes in morning also he said Hebrews means to read that chapter

  1. Hebrews 10 We have an altar from which those who serve the tabernacle (sacred tent) have no right to eat. This is a time to decide do you want to hold onto the law and throw rocks or are you going to let Jesus take away (remit) the sin of the world. The law and all it ordinances and rituals demand judgment demands vengeance and even though you die the price was never paid. The blood of Jesus paid this debt in full but also ratified the new covenant a new last will testament in force because without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin without death there is no ratification of any will. Jesus fulfilled both and now we approach Mt Zion the city of God the very throne room without stones without judgment without condemnation being MADE perfect our old man and all his ways paid for in full and we are given all the building members and parts of this brand new man we are being transformed into. You can choose to keep throwing rocks and serve that old temple or you can step into God s new and living way AND TRUELY LIVE LIFE

  2. Thank you so much Dr June. I needed to hear this. Praying a very long time for my promises to be manifested. This has encouraged me. GOD has answered.

  3. I wait patiently on you to honor my child-like faith in you. I know you will in your own way & time. Thank you Lord. God bless you Pastor June

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