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The LORD Will Reveal His Glory — 3 Comments

  1. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah Jesus! God bless you, Minister Reinke! Yes, I feel within my spirit that the Lord God is going to reveal himself in a way that will awaken many sleeping and lost souls, that will increase God faith in many of his believers. We are coming into a time when it will take more than money and other means to make it in the world, it take Jesus being the Main Source, the rich will see the hand of the Lord move, because without Jesus, no matter how rich or well established an individual may think they are, they will not make it without him. The rich, the poor, the hungry,the thirsty, we all need Jesus Christ, we need to have a relationship with him, a well grounded relationship, Jesus being the solid and holy foundation.

    Thank you, for sharing. The Lord is showing me his grace, patience, etc. My bank account was tampered with this past week, having lost close to $2500, but I yet have to God Praise and Glory. We have have to ask ourselves the question, when we loose what is dear to us, will we still Praise God, will we still give him the Glory and Honor.

  2. Good beautiful day June.
    Thank you for this amazing, encouraging word. I love how the Spirit speaks through you.
    I had a dream along these lines the other morning. I was walking through a dark and hazy place where I was encountering many women in extreme bondage to despair. One woman looked at me and turned as if in fear of what she saw, and I knew by the Spirit it was Jesus Christ. I asked her what she was seeing but she just chopped the air with her hands as though this was some form of defense. I continued to encounter many more like her as I walked through these dungeons. Some of these women I knew but most I didn’t.
    I asked a group of them where we were, are we in hell, and they just looked about as if trying to avoid having to answer. I began to tell them that they need to know that Jesus paid the penalty, that he loves them, but all of a sudden I began to weep, and as I wept a melodious sound began to fill the atmosphere. It was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard in my life, I can’t even describe it. It was a pure and beautiful sound filled with compassion for ALL of Creation.
    He released this through me by the Power of His Spirit!! I didn’t have to come up with the right words to say to these women, the Spirit through me was being released to minister directly to their spirits. Praise God and Hallelujah…the captives are being set free!! Sure enough just like He said through Isaiah, we have not died in our dungeons nor have we lacked Bread!!! :D

  3. Yes, God can use any medium to express Himself as it pleases Him. Father Lord, forgive me sins & equip me for your great kingdom harvest. Do same wotb all others you choose to use in Jesus Christ name.
    Thank you Dr. June. I pray for More Grace & Anointing on your ministry & Family

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