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The LORD’s Banquet Invitation — 3 Comments

  1. As I reread this Word yet again, I’m reminded of the Book by Wendy Alec, ‘Visions from Heaven’, the part when she was in the Carriage with the Lord and The Father’s Chest filled with beautiful Medal’s to be given to His Beloved Champions. They drove straight past the Banqueting Hall where His Church, dressed in their finest clothes, tea and cakes filling the tables, the best China and silver, all perfectly set….but He kept driving. Their destination was the infirmary, where many of His tired, battered, abused, wounded warriors were laid our on cots, some screaming in anguish from fighting the enemy on the front lines. They had shown great courage in taking back the High Places in their obedience to The Call of the Lord to cast off every hindrance and fight!! They are His Dread Champions!!
    The veil of shame will be torn down in the House of God and blown away as chaff in the wind, never to rise again!!
    The Truth of God’s Word is transcending the understanding of the wounded, Spirit to Spirit, the Captives are being set free!!!
    I decree and declare “Let There Be Light!!!”
    Thank You Beautiful Redeemer!!

  2. I so long for these encounters!!
    He who promised is Faithful.
    I give You my yes and my thank you Father.
    I’ll continue to wait patiently for You to act :)
    Thank you for sharing Veronica.
    God bless your beautiful heart :D

  3. This ties in with what I felt the has Lord shown me.  This is that when revival comes to the UK, it will bypass the Church of England but will be in the prisons.

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