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The LORD’s Gift of Free Will — 3 Comments

  1. In John 15:16 Jesus said you did not choose me I choose you.
    The ability to make choices is something quite different then the fable that man some how has free will. No where does it say man has free will. In fact a careful study would lead one to see man with out Gods help can not see his way out of his dilemma. God himself is the only one who can make choices independent of any out side circumstances or free will. Man does not have that ability he is always influenced in some way or another. Another fable we have been told with no real basis in fact.
    Something’s to think about.

    • The idea that we don’t have free will is a cop-out. Perfect “justification” of sin. As in, I had to molest children, I didn’t have a choice. If we don’t have a choice, why does God ask us to come to Him? Why does Jesus stand at the door and knock, waiting for us to open? Amazing! Why doesn’t He tear the door off the hinges and force us? Any relationship based on love must allow for sovereignty and free will. God wants us to freely choose a relationship with Him, does He not? He desires that none should perish. What, pray tell, overrides His desire?

      • What pray tell override’s his desire? Nothing. In the end he will have his desire nothing will stand in the way of it. In the end all will see that his desire is all that matters and all that has ever mattered. His will is that all men will be made in his image and yes it will happen. Because he really is almighty God and few there are that really believe it. And as I said we all have the ability to make choices and we do every day. That is a far cry from free will all of our choices are made with a goal in mind weather it be good or bad. Only God himself makes choices base on a free will nobody causes him to make choices of influence his choices. He alone is sovereign and in the end he will have his way. No matter what men choose his will will be done all will see.

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