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The LORD’s Goodness is Running After You! — 2 Comments

  1. Soooo Powerful! Thank You Lord that Your Goodness is running after me, and overtaking ME – EVEN NOW! ABBA Father I so receive this Word filled with Your ALL Consuming Love! Thanks Sis- So beautiful Deborah❣️

  2. Oh Deborah, God bless you beautiful lady.
    This word is sooo needed today.
    I sang through the night last night, under the most incredibly intense persecution I’d have never before believed if it’d been told to me…God bless them, heal them, deliver them and work it for GOOD…for Your Goodness Lord, is running after me, through me, and into ALL Creation…PRAISE YOU BEAUTIFUL SAVIOR, REDEEMER, for your Unfailing Promise to work it for Good….!!!!!!
    I sang the song He’s slowly developing me called, ‘Oh Love of God’

    Oh love of God
    How rich and pure
    How measureless and strong
    You will forevermore endure
    The Saints and Angels song…
    Hallelujah!!!! :)

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