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The LORD’s Justice Will Reign! — 5 Comments

  1. Amen, Bev. The Lord is drawing whosoever will to come, now. There is no more time to wait. True repentance is at hand. Hope many will heed the words you wrote from the Fathers heart. A mighty Army is truly rising, the likes this world has never saw, Joels army! 

    Amen to: “Time is very short. Repent now and accept Jesus as LORD and Savior of your life. Stop running from Me and run into My Arms. For I AM the only one who will save you.”

    Just thought of the simple child song, Jesus loves me. Wouldn’t hurt for us grown people sing it too. His arms are stretched wide open for us still. Still many are playing and no more time to play! Oh that many of the people would wake up.

    • Joyce,
      Amen God is pulling on every heartstring He can. To pull them in line with His heart & timing & all that He is & what He wants for us.

      LOVED “JESUS LOVES ME” as a child. Really feel if more adults would sing it regularly & get it into their heart & spirit, it would help turn things around more quickly.  Thanks for reminding me.

      Busy-ness gets in the way more than is needed & we/I need to continue to focus on the LORD more.

      Much love to you, Joyce. God Bless you! Bev

  2. The great scatter is upon us, the day of reckoning when everyone reaps what they have sown. The judge is seated and court is in session, everyone is going to reap good or bad life death or judgement the time of great change is in motion and the end result will be a glorious church a glorious bride with a sound warning to all the body of Christ DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN KEEP EVIL OUT OF THE EARTH, YOU ARE MY PEACE KEEPERS, MY OCCUPYING ARMY THE BATTLES BEEN WON ENFORCE WHAT JESUS CONQUERED!

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