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The LORD’s Purifying Fires are Here! — 6 Comments

  1. Veronika’s words often tie in with my daily Scripture reading.  Today, I read the first chapter of Ezekiel which speaks of he holiness and the fire of God.  I know that this book proceeds to refer to the practise of idolatry within the temple of God.

  2. And PRAY that all of us, His children, REMAIN IN HIS REFINING PROCESS until His Work Is Complete!

    Mal 3:1-6
    Mal 4:1-6
    Eph 4:11-32
    1Pt 1:7
    1Pt 3:17
    1Pt 4:19

  3. I want to make sure to clarify, that in this process, the Lord led me to move into my ex-husband home, with him and my son, he had every reason not to allow this, what was happening to me was crazy, but what I’d done to him was even worse. He is now my best friend, and my relationship with my son and daughter, and now 2 very beautiful grandchildren, is more amazing than I could have ever thought possible. But through this process, the only source of comfort and encouragement i received came from my own acts of obedience in reading the Word, fasting, praying, exercising, and being obedient to whatever the Spirit led me to do.
    He is now my Reward as a result of this refining, my Rewarder has now become my Reward.
    Praise God!!
    Blessings Veronica, thank you :)

  4. This is exactly where the Spirit of the Lord has had me day and night, going on 7 years now…and I can tell you like King Nebuchudnezzar rising up out of the dust and ashes, HEAVEN RULES HEAVEN RULES HEAVEN RULES!!!!
    He has stripped me COMPLETELY of everything that was attached to this world, He loves me that much!! He even says in His Word that this world is passing away and I’m not interested in passing away with it!!
    Makeup went, hairstyle went, wardrobe went, high paying job went, secure home went, family went, vehicle went, jewelery was literally thrown in the trash like a menstrual cloth….look in Isaiah, His Words…NOW mine.
    Listen, I’m not saying these are anyone else’s false images…but they were mine and they had to go!! I even threw away my partial, (my own plastic 2 front teeth) This is how powerful His Spirit of conviction was upon me…this is a True Story. I am a Shining Star of His, brought into the ashes from the outside in so I can reflect the Truth of my identity in His Image from the Center Out into a lost and dying world. This year He has been restoring and healing me, and He will bring me to completion, He promised and deception does no reside in Him!!
    I am here to to tell all REPENT REPENT REPENT!! This world is a tiny drop in the Eternal Ocean, a vapor. Beauty, like the flowers of the field, will shrivel up and blow away like chaff in the Wind when He breathes on it, but His Beautiful Living Word of Truth Lives on FOREVER!! HALLELUJAH!!!

    • That you are unashamed of Sharing your testimony about all you gave up for the sake of Christ, may you be granted double & may you never be put to shame in Jesus Christ name.
      May GOD uphold you till the end. Thanks

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