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  1. Knowing the Father’s preferences is like giving gifts to Abba.

    “You see, the Lord treasures friendships with His people. He yearns to have a friendship with each one of us more than you know. The friendship that begins between you and the Lord here continues on whenever you pass from this life to the next. The joy that you experience in that friendship with Him here in this life goes to levels you cannot even imagine when you go to be with Him forever. But it is so important that you begin to walk in that friendship with Him NOW, because He has so many things that He likes to share with His friends. And that is truly what life is all about.”
    Ps Jeffrey Stewart

    You write beyond your years. Even so, I see a small thing. The Father preferred to walk in the cool of the day (Gen 3:8). This Scripture suggests that the temperature was too warm for Him during the day. Supernovas must occur during the day. If this Scripture is so important, why isn’t there a book devoted to Enoch? Have you read the Apocrypha?

    • The “cool” of the day rather refers that the love of God had become cold, that is the reason why they hid from Him.
      The origin word le- ruah (cool) is connected to ruach, the Spirit of God.

      The Book of Enoch describes things in parables and is not about the cosmos. For example the ‘moon’s cycle which Enoch can see is the human’s eggcells (the seed of the woman) journey throughout all generations, because the human eggcell when it is ready for fertilization looks like a lunar eclipse.

      God’s Word is far more advanced than the commoon believer understand (or most often, which is worse, refuses to understand).

    • FIGurative. AFTERnoon.
      In Gen 3:9 the Father asked a question even though He knew the answer. His ways are higher than figurative language. Malcolm Jones examines the Greek rather than the Hebrew, but he may have examined the Septuagint. He writes,

      “Cool comes from Greek word ‘ruwach’ which means wind, or resemblance breath; i.e. a sensible exhalation; figuratively. Life, anger, insubstantiality.

      Day is from Greek ‘yowm’; a day as the warm hours. Also used as an adverb: age + always, + chronicles, continually, daily, each day.

      Together it is saying the spirit, wind or breathe of God came every day, after noon.”


      • A word can have both a literal meaning and a figurative meaning. However, I lean toward the figurative meaning that you have supplied. Can we walk with other people? Can we march with other people?

      • Together it is rather it is saying that the Judgment of their sin was at hand and it was their sin that had “made” the day “cool” (a “day” is still thousand years in Scriptures), which also made them hide from God.

        It does not describe a climate or a certain period during a 24hour cycle, but a fallen spiritual status. Their breath, (their ruach, their spirit) had grown cold because of their sin.

        • I don’t disagree with you. However, according to Rick Joyner, the garden of Eden is situated at the summit of God’s holy mountain. It is a literal-spiritual garden. It is a reality. Enoch continues to walk with the Father in optimal conditions. In contrast, visitors to Hell report burning and thirsting climatic conditions. Blessings

  3. AMEN! Thank you brother ty, what you wrote is an eye opener that I need to reread. I appreciate what the Lord has put on your heart thank you. The Lord has been speaking to me about not striving and resting in Him, reading this helps me to understand in a greater way. Thank you

  4. This is the same direction I was going.
    To me, the most important verse in the Bible is when the Father was walking in the garden (Gen 3:8).
    satan was in the garden too. This time, I will put my foot on the head of the serpent so I don’t have to listen to the Father of lies.
    This time I will listen to the Father of truth as I walk with Him just like Enoch.
    The Father said that sin results in death. However, Enoch didn’t die, he continued to walk with the Father.

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