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The LORD’s Signs Are Here in This Season! — 8 Comments

  1. Well it’s kinda funny because I thought, as I opened this post from His Kingdom Prophecy, if Bev J-F posts a word here tonight I know it’s a SIGN..  I just ‘felt’ it.. HE will soon restore whet the locust has stolen.  He will RESTORE ALL just like with David. I have not seen any of your posts Beverly in quite a long time.  God is faithful and He knows how to get our attention. BLESSINGS!

    • JO,

      AWWWWWW, YOU are so kind and generous with your praise. LOVE when He does things like that! I can hear Him chuckling!  I only post when He says to. This is the previous one:
      Five Alarm Fire! ~by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

      I’m grateful to GOD and to people like you who are hungry for His Word.  He definitely wants our attention and everything else we are, so we can worship Him all the MORE!

      Thank you so much for the Words you posted within.  God Bless YOU and keep you & make His face to shine upon YOU & give you His peace. Blessings! Bev

  2. The signs are all around your roe vs wade is like a parting of the red sea, the convoy days up here were seen as caterpillars moving across Canada which became monarch butterflies which season we are coming into right now. I agree with the attention span of adults seems to be that of a baby hyped on sugar who needs constant entertainment or they are squealing. Still, in all the lack of focus and concern, God in his grace and mercy is bringing us to a day when a worldwide event will happen that will bring serious focus and concern

    • Jay, Amen.  On target!  Watched & prayed for your truckers in Canada. They are a brave bunch!

      Yes, God is about to pop open everything on us all, including Roe vs Wade! HALLELUJAH!!!

      Thanks for responding. God Bless you! Bev

  3. amen!! There are many keys…one that is sooo very much neglected is praying in tongues. If people would just spend even 10 minutes praying out in tongues they would see that cocoon crack open and fall away.

    • Dennis,
      Absolutely Right on!!! Tongues is so IMPORTANT in so many ways, but i believe most importantly because the LORD LOVES IT WHEN WE SPEAK IN TONGUES!

      HOLY SPIRIT LOVES to converse in tongues! We laugh together! 

      Tongues are KEY for WARFARE as well.  I’m sure if those in the cocoons would break out in tongues, we’d have a LOT OF BUTTERFLIES ENJOYING FREEDOM!  SOME FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

      Thank you so much for responding! God Bless you! Bev

    • Dennis,
      Opppps! Sorry, I forgot! WORSHIP!!! TONGUES are KEYS to WORSHIP TOO!!!


      Thanks again for responding! BLESSINGS! Bev

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