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The LORD’s The Threshing Floor — 7 Comments

  1. I am simply stunned….you shared God saying Braveheart Warriors.
    When God asked me to go live in my car in the wilderness (of Scotland) I practically lived in Braveheart carpark (which is near where the film was filmed)
    I heard God so much parked up at that spot in my car. He showed me so much of these times too. But just enough to give me a broad idea so as not to fear me.
    And now God brought me to live on the estate of people of Robert the Bruces kin (through his Lord title, cant say too much as this is part of Gods mission for me with my landlord). Robert de Bruce who won Scotlands freedom, is known as Braveheart and his embalmed heart after his death was thrown into the battle before his Army.

    Its amazing God spoke this to you. Amen.
    It is this connection, a very simple yet deep beautiful connection that the pharisees miss out on. They want out, I get it, but we have a job to do and thats work for God in bringing others back to Him in the harshest of times. But when these people come back to God they will be freed from tyranny just like Robert ensured the people of Scotland would be.
    And an interesting point is Robert the Bruce mentioned the people of Scotland being the lost tribes of Israel in his Declaration of Arbroath.
    God is saying something VERY DEEP HERE.
    You say this to the black hebrew movement and will not accept it. So again the church bending to cultural themes instead of truth.

    • Braveheart was filmed in many locations in Scotland, including some near to where I live. The north east of Scotland was touched by Holy Ghost revivals, resulting in grown men weeping in the streets in repentance. The fruit was seen in the communities. Many saved from alcoholism, marked by sober fear of the Lord and separated unto God. They were straightforward, simple, straight talking, no nonsense, sincere in faith. Gruff exteriors. Hearts of Gold. In the last 3-4 decades there has come that strange fire & mixed materials which has brought confusion and watered down the truth. The ‘fruit’ and degradation in our country is now plainly evident to see.
      Braveheart was a historically inaccurate, sentimental Holywood portrayal of Scotland.

      • Actually it was William Wallace who was portrayed as ‘Braveheart’, not Robert the Bruce. Seem to remember that relatives who were SNP members commemorated Wallace’s death? The church in Scotland commemorated Jesus’s death, not a figure from folk lore. Sitting in a Scottish car park will not make you Scottish, or know the history, brutality, culture or mentality of the Scottish people – or their faith. Scottish oppressed and bullied each other. They still do. They don’t need a hero such as Wallace or Bruce, they need the saviour. Fed up of people telling us how to be Scottish – or what kind of faith we need. People from the north east were very salty and down to earth. Not a sugary or frothy religion. A religion that looked after orphans and widows.

    • Thank you for the feedback. As one braveheart to another: let us follow the LORD and know that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

      I bless you in Jesus’ name.

  2. For surely this is the word of the Lord woman of God. I stand at my post my tower and I’ve heard the same thing yesterday, even more, with that continue to move forward with what the spirit of the Lord is giving in this hour truly fire shall come.. no more strange fires but sweeping fires Holy Ghost fires fire unto repentance.. the broom of the Lord is coming. A clean sweep, wildfires, yes it will be liken too wildfires, the spread of the Holy Ghost.. it has already started stay tuned for more

    • Yes, HE comes not to rapture but to cleanse. The “Two Storms” word is also confirmation. Blessings and Courage in Jesus’ name.

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