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The Lost Sheep and The Shepherds — 1 Comment

  1. “Believers need to be careful about ‘playing savior’ to others.

    Amen, God Bless you for true teaching! The churches are filled with people who have been pulled into it by those human “saviors”. Specifically during hard times people attend churches but not because the need of -repentance – but their need of soulish human relationship. 

    I would even say that the present “social distancing” is God’s work for to prevent these false congregations to grow again.
    This does not mean that we shall not help people in life-threatening situations but that we shall not run into every situation thinking that we and not God is the author of their situation or thinking that it is a christian “duty” to save every human from every kind of suffering because we are afraid that the enemy otherwise will call us evil.

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