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The Mark and the Antichrist (Updated) — 2 Comments

  1. Probably because the mark GOD is warning against is the acceptance of the beast system which is the system of the world. Even today the mark of the beast is at work and many “christians” have fully embraced it. They are deceived. We who have received Jesus as Savior and Lord have already been marked by the Holy Spirit. The idea that this is some sort of physical mark is erroneous and is used to put to sleep those who are looking for such all the while they are being sucked into the very thing they were looking to avoid. By accepting this “mark” in the hand or forehead the individual both mental accepts (forehead) and physically performs (hand) the works of the beast system. That is why GOD gives us a warning to not be deceived.

  2. We are already in the Tribulation. The first seal was the Corona pandemic. The Greek Bible says the white rider comes with a toxon and a corona to conquer. The KJV has been translated incorrectly on purpose. The KJV was translated by the Catholic Church who are satanists. The mark of the beast is the vaccine, it has the name (Luciferace with Chimera DNA), it has the number (we have 144000 gnomes, the mRNA adds another 72000 gnomes equating to 216000 which equals 600x60x6) and we have the image (Bill Gates cryptocurrency chip is already in the vaccine with the patent number WD060606). This is all on the internet to be searched. The second, third and fourth seals have already been broken, the fifth seal is underway.

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